The time companies spend re-evaluating their strategic direction has led to the embrace of spin-offs as a corporate action – one which allows firms to create a more streamlined structure, which suits their goals and mission, while also boosting cash resources.

Pressure from a new generation of highly focused, tech-based companies, that often dominate a niche is also causing strategic investors to re-evaluate the conglomerate model.

Once a spin-off is complete, the remaining company is free to focus on its main activities, while the spun-off company’s profile and value is often bolstered by allowing it to stand alone as a separate entity. However, the success of a spin-off can rely heavily on optimizing the operating model, re-engineering the processes, and ensuring there is an efficient infrastructure for movement and utilization of capital, for both the Remain Co and Spin Co, placing treasury teams in a crucial position.

Challenges for treasury

Spin-offs differ significantly from mergers and acquisitions. Treasurers often find spin-offs challenging and pressured in terms of time, as the company being separated has to operate from the onset as a new, standalone entity with segregated and independent money flow. Setting up new legal entities, establishing a new banking account structure, re-routing accounts for concentration, reconciling transactions, and ensuring staff are on board and aligned with the changes all require know-how and careful planning to execute well and to deadline.

Despite the challenges, there are also great opportunities for treasury teams to transform their organization, using it as a fresh start to upgrade technology, improve processes and enable greater integration. With that in mind, we look at what corporate treasurers need to know to successfully navigate a corporate spin-off.

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