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At a glance

  • J.P. Morgan has been the client’s core bank for over 25 years in the U.S. , while in Brazil, the company had a long-term relationship with a large local retail bank
  • The company issued a request for proposal (RFP) aiming to replace its local banking partner with a global core bank. J.P. Morgan won the RFP with an aggressive pricing strategy onshore and offshore alongside its ability to provide wide local coverage
  • A key point of the mandate was integration and coordination among J.P. Morgan teams across the globe

The challenge

The company launched an RFP in mid 2015 which sought full local and cross-border cash management at the best cost and with best-in-class service. The request encompassed both receivable and payable banking solutions, bank systems support and technology available to improve and standardize process flows.

Brazil landscape

Brazilian companies are allowed to keep 100% of export proceeds abroad (only restricted segments are allowed to hold foreign currency accounts domestically). Funds can be used to pay offshore obligations, acting therefore as a natural FX hedge. Due to legal and tax restrictions, this account cannot be part of a global multi-currency sweep structure.

  • A Brazil demand deposit account (DDA) contract was incorporated into Global Account Terms (GAT) previously negotiated at headquarter level
  • Local file format (CNAB) with minimum implementation effort for the client was achieved as a client side J.P. Morgan File Mapper solution was used to translate the client’s previous layout to J.P. Morgan’s standard
  • BRL payments/collection files sent directly via J.P. Morgan Host-to-Host connection
  • The Customer using J.P. Morgan Brasil OnlineSM – our local internet banking module customized for Brazilian needs and fully integrated with J.P. Morgan Access® for local cash services with access to accounts details and payment receipts in real time
  • Multibank balance and transaction reporting integrated to J.P. Morgan Access Online
  • New York U.S. dollar and euro account

This deal was a team work experience, demanding commitment from both sides once J.P. Morgan was centralizing full local and offshore cash management services. System stability and premium client service were main demands and client is highly satisfied.

The impact

  • Disciplined implementation project management and dedicated client service
  • Full centralization of core cash and liquidity activities in J.P. Morgan (local banks used for specific retail services, such as payroll and checks)
  • Services were tailored to meet specific local needs: J.P. Morgan developed a new Drawee Portal for Boletos1, so the company’s clients can download copies of existing Boletos without contacting the company, reducing operational activities



Boleto bancário is the main receivables instrument in Brazil. It is a paper slip with a bar code and unique 44-digit ID code, which provides efficiency when reconciling incoming payments.

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