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I'm Ed Baker. I'm the head of Treasury at MACE. Rethinking how communities are designed is hard. Doing so in a way that reduces carbon, increases the use of renewable energy, and improves health and safety outcomes is even harder. But at MACE, we tackle hard things. We're constantly looking to redefine the boundaries of ambition.

MACE has 7,000 employees, operates in over 68 countries, and focuses on consult and construct. They operate differently over different time frames, different jurisdictions, and different types of projects. But we're able to collaborate between those engines to provide better outcomes for our clients.

The way Treasury can support that is by being incredibly efficient on cash and cash pooling. With JP Morgan, we established a mechanism for increased visibility across multiple businesses and currencies, whilst reducing our administrative burden.

MACE partnered with JP Morgan to create a global liquidity structure with a large multi-entity notional pool comprising 24 legal entities, 56 bank accounts, and 19 currencies, centralizing 40% more of MACE's international cash.

Implementing the JP Morgan pooling product has enabled the Treasury team to have more cash at center, which has supported the growth of the consult engine across new territories in a faster way than we would have been able to previously.

It was quite a big project. The implementation was strong and collaborative. JP Morgan is more than just a payments partner. For us, it's a total banking solution. It's a set of relationships as well, which is going to help us take treasury and finance to the next level.

More than a payments partner, it's helping treasurers optimize resources and navigate change to enable better business outcomes.