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My name is Peter Rathgeb. My job title is corporate or group treasurer of Siemens group. Siemens is an extremely big company. We are working in about 190 countries of the world. That's more or less every country in the world. We have more than 100 currencies we are trading in, and therefore, we will have to manage that from the Treasury point of view.

Treasury is a tech game. At the end of the day, nothing happens without the support of technology. Therefore, we need to define ourselves as a platform provider using technological platforms to make all that happen. You know, J.P. Morgan provides us with technology that we require.

Siemens collaborated closely with J.P. Morgan to develop payment processes using blockchain and programmable money.

The big advantage is that we can move our liquidity around the world in a 24/7 kind of manner. With this, we could be and can be and will be the integral part of the Siemens value chain. Around one week ago, I was climbing one of my big goals in the Alps, which was extremely tough. Risk provides return in the mountaineering sport and it provides return in your business.

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