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A community for growth

United by a shared purpose, Personify empowers a diverse range of organizations—from associations, chambers of commerce and charities to event organizers, health and wellness facilities and educational institutions—to foster and manage growth in their communities. Their unique community experience platform, complemented by professional services, adapts to organizations of all sizes and growth stages, setting Personify apart by eliminating reliance on third-party developers and applications. 

Creating a simplified treasury experience 

Personify wanted to deliver a payments experience that matched the level of service their platform provided. However, disconnected systems and manual processes made that difficult. But how do you manage your payables and receivables efficiently, and in one system? As Personify discovered, the J.P. Morgan Embedded Solutions for NetSuite plug-in can help simplify the treasury process thanks to streamlined connectivity and easy integration–with no technical resources or additional cost required.

When determining which enterprise resource planning (ERP) system best suited their needs, Personify had three key factors top of mind. They needed a plug-in that allowed them to use the least number of systems, gave them as much control as possible and enabled them to access their payments data in one place. As they began transitioning from their current bank to J.P. Morgan, our Embedded Solutions for NetSuite plug-in caught their attention.

"We were in the process of switching from our existing bank to J.P. Morgan. During that transition, I remember a big selling point for us was the NetSuite integration provided by J.P. Morgan Payments."

Simplifying the expense report process

Before moving to the J.P. Morgan Embedded Solutions NetSuite plug-in, processing expense reports required significant manual lift. Personify had to download files and then upload them to the bank, as well as format data and enter bank information for each payment by hand.

Along with these manual efforts, they had no means to trace where each payment was in the process, making it difficult to see which payments failed and identify the reason for the failure.

Once they began using the plug in, Personify saw a significant decrease in payment processing time, as well as a reduction in errors. And if errors do occur, there is now a reason code associated with each, making troubleshooting simple. The approval workflow in NetSuite also enables Personify to connect bills to their corresponding purchase orders in the system.

"The ease with which we are able to submit and release bill payments, import bank activity and investigate errors saves the team hours each month."

Improving vendor information management

Managing and storing vendor information securely is a critical ERP component for Personify. Prior to the Embedded Solutions plug-in integration, Personify stored vendor information in NetSuite on the native bank information tab. Post-integration, with a simple push Personify is now able to better track and manage vendor banking information changes.

Thanks to a search Jennifer set up in NetSuite, she and her boss get a summary email showing any vendor banking changes for that day. If anything looks suspicious, Personify follows up with the vendor to confirm the change.

Looking to the future of automation

J.P. Morgan Embedded Solutions for NetSuite helped Personify enhance their payments process and drive treasury efficiency. Further automating the ERP can help treasury organizations streamline core operations, improve accuracy, reduce operational costs and enable faster decision making with access to real-time information.

Learn more about J.P. Morgan Embedded Solutions for NetSuite here.


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