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Venture investment grew for biopharma and medtech companies in the third quarter of 2023, following a prolific pace in 2021 and a dramatic drop in 2022.

In biopharma, licensing and M&A deals remain down, as do upfront values. In medtech, there are fewer licensing deals, but they’re trending toward higher values.

J.P. Morgan’s biopharma therapeutics and medtech licensing reports explore the movement in each sector, offering insight on industry trends that will shape the end of 2023 and the start of 2024. The reports, powered by DealForma, highlight:

  • Deal values in biopharma licensing partnerships
  • Trends in deal values for medical devices, diagnostics, digital health therapies and research tools
  • Venture investment amounts in therapeutic and platform companies
  • The advanced therapies that are seeing healthy investment and dealmaking
  • IPO and M&A activity in each sector

Download the full reports to better understand these dealmaking trends.


Kathryn McDonough

Head of Life Sciences, Innovation Economy, Commercial Banking, J.P. Morgan

Skip Kelly

Head of Healthcare VC Coverage, Commercial Banking, J.P. Morgan