Integrated Receivables

Innovative capabilities at every step of the receivables process

J.P. Morgan Integrated Receivables is a proprietary and configurable solution that provides key capabilities at each step of the receivables process and works in conjunction with your internal systems to automate accounts receivable, reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and improve your working capital.

Integrated Receivables offers four key modules that can be used individually or together as an integrated solution. Each module is aligned to a key step of the accounts receivable (AR) process - from invoice distribution, to collection, through reconciliation and reporting.


Our secure, online portal enables your customers to view their invoices electronically


Digital and electronic payments seamlessly combine with checks from J.P. Morgan lockbox or remote capture solution


Automatically link remittance information to incoming payments and your open accounts receivables


Gain visibility and seamlessly manage exceptions online or through your ERP system


Connect with your customers through a private and branded online portal enabling them to view and pay invoices electronically.

IR - Collect

Key Benefits

Migrate from paper to digital invoices to reduce costs
Improve DSO with online credit card and ACH debits
Choose from flexible branding options for a custom experience


Digital and electronic payments seamlessly combine with paper check processing from a J.P. Morgan lockbox or remote deposit capture solutions.

IR - collect - mobile - 2018

Key Benefits

Increase efficiency with 100% scalable vertically-integrated payment processing
Offer flexibility with multiple payment options for your customers


Reconcile collections through automated association of remittance information to incoming payments and your accounts receivable records.

IR - Reconcile

Key Benefits

Achieve a straight through processing (STP) rate of up to 85% or more for paper and electronic reconciliation
Reconcile invoice data automatically against the open accounts receivable file using flexible matching rules
Accelerate cash application, improve DSO and working capital
Reduce manual processes for fewer errors and lower costs


Improve visibility and manage exceptions with flexible and configurable reporting options accessible online or integrated directly with your ERP system.

IR - report - mobile - 2018

Key Benefits

Get easy access to accounts receivable data for forecasting and improved audit controls
Consolidate receivables information into your ERP with a standard and automated process
Manage exceptions online with flexible workflow tools to streamline processes

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