Important notice

J.P. Morgan is aware of imposters, websites and social media channels - such as WhatsApp groups - posing as J.P. Morgan offering investment advice, financing solutions, and soliciting money from individuals for high return investments and processing charges for high value loan amount, among others. 

J.P. Morgan has not authorized any entities or individuals to use its intellectual property rights or make references to J.P. Morgan or JPMorgan Chase, in any way. J.P. Morgan does not offer its products/ services to retail individual clients in India and will never contact anyone on WhatsApp or any social media platform to offer its services. Click here for more information on J.P. Morgan’s presence in India.

Please remain alert and do not respond or take any action in relation to these scams. If you think you or someone you know has been scammed, please report the matter to police.

COVID-19 Update: Financial Relief Package

A] Details of business:

Stated Vision:

The vision of J.P. Morgan Securities India Private Limited (“the Company”) is to become a prominent player in credit markets by being an efficient and effective originator and distributor, serving as a linkage between clients and market. Further, our vision is also to expand the coverage of the Company and establish ourselves as one of the preferred credit lenders across key clients.

Business Strategy and Objectives:

As an entity we would focus on extending credit to clients through the primary and secondary market. Depending on the outlook on interest rates, credit spreads and liquidity situation the Company would

  • Extend credit facilities to clients to meet their financing requirement. This would be in the form of commercial papers, bonds, debentures, loans, securitized instruments etc.
  • Invest in government securities, treasury bills and money market instruments like commercial papers and certificates of deposit.
  • Opportunistically provide structured financing solutions to meet financing need of clients.

B] Financial information including complete copy of the annual report including balance sheet, profit and loss account, directors report

Notice of Twenty Fifth Annual General Meeting
Board’s Report for FY 2022-23
Annual Return for FY 2022-23
Annual Financial Statements along with Audit Report for FY 2022-23

C] Details of Directors

Mr. Hetal Sanghvi ceased to be a Whole-time Director w.e.f. July 31, 2016
Mr. Ashish Aggarwal ceased to be a Whole-time Director w.e.f. May 14, 2018
Mr. Brijen Puri ceased to be a Director w.e.f. May 28, 2018
Mr. Dhananjay Mungale ceased to be a Director w.e.f. August 23, 2018
Mr. Manohar Bhide ceased to be a Director w.e.f. October 16, 2018
Mr. Sabu Joseph ceased to be a Whole-time Director w.e.f. November 5, 2018
Ms. Esha Swadi ceased to be a Whole-time Director w.e.f. July 1, 2019
Mr. Rammohan Devarajan ceased to be a Director w.e.f. September 30, 2019
Mr. Madhur Agarwal ceased to be a Director w.e.f. September 30, 2019
Mr. Jatin Jain ceased to be a Whole-time Director w.e.f. July 24, 2020
Mr. Vineet Gothi ceased to be a Whole-time Director w.e.f. October 13, 2020
Ms. Madhumita Duggirala ceased to be a Whole-time Director w.e.f. April 27, 2021
Ms. Rinku Ahuja ceased to be a CEO & Whole-time Director w.e.f. June 22, 2022
Mr. Prateek Singhal ceased to be a Director w.e.f. October 28, 2022
Mr. Mayank Kabra ceased to be a Director w.e.f. April 12, 2023

D] Policies / Guidelines / Codes*

Fair Practice Code of JP Morgan Securities India Private Limited

Policy – Appointment of Statutory Auditors – J.P. Morgan Securities India Private Limited

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

CSR Committee members

          Vikram Ramani
          Harsh Bansal
          Bhavin Shukla   

CSR projects (FY 2023-24)

Name of the Project


Item from Schedule VII






Implementing agency


CSR Contribution (INR)


Skilling for careers in e-mobility Employment enhancing vocational skills Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai GTT Foundation


Enabling growth of women microbusinesses in Pune and Mumbai Livelihood enhancement, empowering women Maharashtra Pune and Mumbai Seva
Sahayog Foundation


Internal Guidelines on Corporate Governance
Interest Rate Policy
Policy on Related party transaction

 Information on secured assets possessed under the SARFAESI Act, 2002



Sl. No



Branch Name






Borrower Name

Guarantor Name (wherever applicable)


Registered address of the Borrower

Registered address of the Guarantor

(wherever applicable)


Outstanding amount (in ₹)



Asset Classification



Date of Asset classification


Details of security possessed

Name of the Title holder of the

security possessed
















NIL Records





















E] Electronic modes of payment details:

In compliance with the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) guidelines issued on December 30,2019, J.P. Morgan Securities India Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to inform that clients can pay us through the below mentioned electronic payment modes :

  1. Debit cards powered by RuPay card scheme 2. E-payments through Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) mobile payment app; and 3. Quick Response Code (QR code), both processed via the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) real-time payment system
  2. E-payments through Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) mobile payment app; and
  3. Quick Response Code (QR code), both processed via the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) real-time payment system

In case you wish to discharge payments using the aforesaid payment modes, please contact your JP Morgan representative. Please note that the existing modes of payment are still valid and active.

UPI ID: jpmorgansecuritiesin.60167192@hdfcbank
QR Code

F] Public Disclosure on Liquidity Risk

Liquidity Disclosure March Quarter 2020
Liquidity Disclosure June Quarter 2020
Liquidity Disclosure September Quarter 2020
Liquidity Disclosure December Quarter 2020 
Liquidity Disclosure March Quarter 2021
Liquidity Disclosure June Quarter 2021
Liquidity Disclosure September Quarter 2021
Liquidity Disclosure December Quarter 2021
Liquidity Disclosure March Quarter 2022
Liquidity Disclosure June Quarter 2022
Liquidity Disclosure September Quarter 2022
Liquidity Disclosure December Quarter 2022
Liquidity Disclosure March Quarter 2023
Liquidity Disclosure June Quarter 2023
Liquidity Disclosure September Quarter 2023
Liquidity Disclosure December Quarter 2023
Liquidity Disclosure March Quarter 2024


G] Customer Education

Prudential Norms pertaining to “Income Recognition, Asset - Classification and Provisioning

H] Grievance Handling Mechanism

For any grievance or issues, customers can email their complaint to:

Customers will receive a response within 30 business days and we shall do our best to resolve the complaint to the customer’s satisfaction within this period. Complex complaints which would require time for examination of issues involved may take a longer time to resolve. However, in such cases, customers will be informed about the status of their complaint within this period. Our focus would remain on the quality and completeness of the response, with speed of delivery being an important but not overriding factor.

In case of unsatisfactory response from the above channel, customers can escalate the complaint to the Principal Nodal Officer of the NBFC:

Mr. Vikas Vaishnav
Address: J.P. Morgan Tower, Off CST Road, Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai 400098, India
Phone: +91 22 6157 3000

Customers will receive a response within 10 business days and they will have to quote the reference number pertaining to their earlier contact with the NBFC on the same issue.

Grievance handling procedure and information on Integrated Ombudsman

If you do not receive any response from us within one month from the date of receipt of your complaint, or if you are not satisfied with the reply given by us, you may approach the Integrated Ombudsman.

The details of the Salient Features and Integrated Ombudsman Scheme as well as the contact details of the Ombudsman for respective City or State are available as below.

  1. The Integrated Ombudsman Scheme 
  2. Address of the office of Integrated Ombudsman
  3. Salient Features of Integrated Ombudsman Scheme

For the convenience of the customers, the following are
displayed on our website:

  • Appropriate arrangement for receiving complaints and suggestions
  • The name, address and contact number of the Principal Nodal Officer
  • Code of NBFC commitments to customers/Fair Practice code

The nodal officer of the NBFC is kept informed on the complaints which are not redressed within one month. The details of the Integrated Ombudsman which the complainant can approach are included in the final closure letters/emails for such cases.

I ] Privacy Policy

JPMorgan Privacy Policy

Archive Reports