JPMorganChase is committed to driving social impact through the Tech for Social Good program, harnessing our technologists’ and data scientists’ skills to give back to the community and social impact organizations.

As part of this endeavor, the first Impact Socials event sponsored by Tech for Social Good was held in Bengaluru. The one-day gathering brought together over 100 stakeholders from more than 60 social good organizations to promote a collaborative dialogue between technology companies, non-profits, and other organizations in the social impact space.

The day kicked off with tech solution providers and nonprofit leaders discussing technology needs across social mobility, urban planning, civic engagement, and more. Social impact organizations shared their ambitions and apprehensions, while tech companies unveiled future product roadmaps and opportunities for organizations to leverage.

JPMorganChase Bengaluru Tech Center Lead MK Ullah told participants that we stand on the cusp of a new era of social innovation, where the boundaries between sectors blur in favor of building a more collaborative ecosystem that empowers social impact organizations in the digital age.

In another session,  the Spotlight Talk by Sanjay Purohit, CEO, Centre for Exponential Change, focused on harnessing social frameworks for a large-scale impact.

During an activity-based segment, each delegate was asked to introduce themselves to others seated at their table and describe the programs and platforms they could leverage to jointly resolve a specific problem. While discussing the alignment of the challenges to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, participants highlighted collaborative themes and the scope of their potential impact.

Lightning talks, 10-minute presentations by technology platform providers on solutions and successful use cases, served as a great discovery exercise for social good organizations.

JPMorganChase’s Tech for Social Good’s masterclass on technology implementation pathways for organizations featured best practices and pitfalls to avoid while embarking on the technology journey. Members of nonprofits that have participated in Tech for Social Good programs shared what they’ve learned and how they have benefited from the support of ecosystem players.

Additionally, a leadership offsite session featured four high-caliber social good organizations that were  exploring scale and amplified impact. Senior JPMorganChase leaders delved into these organizations’ current challenges and provided valuable guidance on how technology roadmaps and milestones could co-evolve with their growth strategies.

At JPMorganChase, we believe in creating platforms for meaningful dialogue and collaboration to enact positive change in the communities we serve. Tech for Social Good’s Impact Socials event showcased how technology and collective effort can drive social innovation and transformation.