Global Technology at JPMorgan Chase has launched a new team dedicated to enhancing the experience of our software engineers. To further accelerate the firm's modernization journey, the Engineer’s Platform & Experience (EPX) team is building an integrated and self-service internal development platform that reduces cognitive overload and provides a unified and frictionless experience for the firm’s 43,000 software engineers.

An engineer’s life is getting more complex. Engineers spend more time than ever in onboarding, discovery and delivery and often find themselves context switching to build, deploy, test, troubleshoot and find information. By abstracting the complexity, providing relevant context and automating these stages, we hope to empower our engineers to focus on work of real value that they enjoy.

My leadership team and I are very passionate about this space, since most of us were once developers ourselves and we can see that the complexity has grown in our ecosystem. We understand the pain points of the engineer experience, as well as how rewarding it can be with the relevant tools and support.

To this end, we have designed an integrated experience for anything the engineer would need to know to complete their task, a one-stop-shop with self-service capabilities to reduce the burden of context-switching. We are also implementing methods to accelerate deployment without compromising on security or controls. Our new enterprise toolchain provides options for robust and continuous deployment, reducing time spent on manual delivery.

The platform incorporates modern observability tools that are cloud agnostic and help facilitate and accelerate our journey to the public cloud. We’ve historically focused on delivering performance metrics to executives in order to inform strategic decisions. Now, we’re making these insights and value-stream metrics available to the engineers themselves, so that they can pinpoint areas for improvement and adapt their workflow in real time. Our goal is to multiply the value of their work, allowing engineers to spend less time retracing steps and more time creating and innovating.

In many ways, engineers are the heart of our firm. They are the people who keep things running, streamline the way we work and proactively solve problems for everyone else. With our new Engineer’s Platform & Experience team, we have an opportunity to do the same for them.