In a world where technology is a source of knowledge, collaboration becomes a catalyst for transformation. The Turing Trust supports education in sub-Saharan Africa by reusing computers and improving teacher training using IT. The organization provides skills development in the UK while reducing waste and contributing to an environmentally friendly society. The powerful eight-month partnership with JPMorgan Chase's Force for Good program supports the non-profit organization to improve their processes and increase their impact in underserved communities.

Leveraging Technology for Education

The Turing Trust's resolute mission to provide technology-enabled learning opportunities for disadvantaged communities resonated deeply with JPMorgan Chase's dedication to innovation and impact. Recognizing the potential to create a synergy that transcends organizational boundaries, the collaboration was born.

Merging Expertise for Lasting Impact

At the heart of this collaboration are transformative solutions that amplify the Turing Trust's impact. Through collaborative effort, the Force for Good Team and the Turing Trust have harnessed their collective expertise to create solutions that bridge gaps and address critical challenges:

  1. Item Visibility: Enriching Decision-making Through Data
    The item visibility solution, developed by JPMorgan Chase software engineers, empowers the Turing Trust to display comprehensive information about scanned items, facilitating informed decision-making.
  2. Real Time Data Quality Alerting: Elevating Data Quality for Greater Impact
    The real time data quality solution, also developed by the firm’s software engineers, exemplifies the partnership's commitment to data integrity. This solution equips the Turing Trust with a dynamic dashboard for real-time data quality assessment. The collaboration addresses data quality challenges head-on, reinforcing the organization's data-driven approach.
  3. Volunteer Tracking: Simplifying Volunteer Engagement
    The volunteer tracking solution streamlines volunteer engagement, enabling them to register items seamlessly. This joint effort ensures that the non-profit organization's heartbeat—its volunteers—can contribute more effectively to their mission.

As Force for Good's software engineers poured their skill and passion into these solutions, a chorus of acknowledgments extends further.

”Partnering with the Force For Good team has really helped us to scale up our impact by expanding our use of data, giving our staff and volunteers better tools to support our mission and improving our operational efficiency.” Steve Cook, IT Development Manager for The Turing Trust, said. “The enthusiasm and energy of the JPMorgan Chase team has been inspiring, a real pleasure to work with!”

A Unified Approach

Manual data processes, data quality concerns, and reporting bottlenecks found their match in the solutions jointly crafted by the Force for Good team and the Turing Trust. This approach, driven by shared values, exemplifies the true essence of a partnership.

Beyond Boundaries

With each solution developed, each challenge tackled, and each milestone achieved, the partnership brings education, technology, and empowerment to the forefront. The Force for Good Team and The Turing Trust collaboration gives a picture of what's possible when talent, dedication, and a shared ideas intersect. With every step taken together, their commitment to education's transformative force knows no bounds.