2024 marks the celebration of J.P. Morgan's 100th anniversary in Hong Kong. As we deepen our connection in this vibrant city through diverse skill-based and community service activities, our Force for Good Program stands at the forefront, making dreams possible for everyone in the communities we live and work.

Feeding Hong Kong Limited, a nonprofit organization with whom we have partnered since 2013, is dedicated to curbing food waste and nourishing our communities. Our Force for Good team was recently honored as a Star Community Partner at their Annual Volunteer Awards ceremony. This prestigious accolade recognizes the firm’s unwavering dedication to assisting our communities through technology. 

As a trailblazer in sustainability, Feeding Hong Kong has diverted 6,000 tons of edible food from landfills since 2011, significantly reducing CO2 emissions in the city. Harnessing the power of technology was pivotal to amplify their impact. Through the Force for Good Program, our technologists in Hong Kong embarked on an eight-month journey, advancing Feeding Hong Kong’s mission by helping them optimize their operations. From food donation labelling and packing to supply dispatch, our Force for Good team helped Feeding Hong Kong digitize various facets of their operation, optimizing their inventory management system and order picking processes. 

Aislinn Malone, Hong Kong Tech Center Lead, and Ross Muir, Force for Good Sponsor for Hong Kong and Jorge Pinto, Force for Good Client Lead for Feeding Hong Kong, gratefully accepted the award and recognized the collective success of our philanthropic endeavors.

“Our staff and resources are being allocated more efficiently, ensuring more effective and reliable donation tracking,” said Gabrielle Kirstein, Founder and CEO, Feeding Hong Kong. “The collaborative journey with J.P. Morgan’s Force for Good team has optimized our operational landscape and empowered our team with invaluable technical insights, paving the way for future innovations.”

The optimization not only saved Feeding Hong Kong’s staff 20% more time in managing shipping orders and inventory records but also liberated hundreds of dollars in vendor fees, which will be redirected to fuel their mission of combating hunger and reducing food waste across Hong Kong.

“Our journey with Feeding Hong Kong is a testament of the transformative power of technology and teamwork,” said Malone. “We hope our story will inspire more to join forces to make Hong Kong an even better place by sharing our expertise, diverse skillset and passion.”