Conference Kick Off

Plano, TX – Today, JPMorgan Chase kicks off its second annual DEVUP, a firmwide software engineering conference designed for engineers by engineers. Launched in 2022, DEVUP is a one-of-a-kind technology innovation forum convening more than 500 software engineers, data scientists and other technologists from all 23 of the financial services firm’s Global Technology Centers for three days of programming that celebrate engineering excellence.

The agenda features wide-ranging discussions on cutting-edge research, interactive workshops, and hands-on experiences led by more than 150 speakers. Participants have the unique opportunity to showcase and learn skills, build connections with peers, and discuss new ways to implement emerging technologies at massive scale and speed at one of the world’s large financial institutions.

“In today’s dynamic technology landscape, the role of the software engineer – and the technologist more broadly – is undergoing a transformative shift. DEVUP is an opportunity to recognize JPMorgan Chase’s top software engineers, provide experiences for them to build their skills, and foster a sense of community – all with the aim of empowering them to continue driving innovation across our firm,” said Lori Beer, Global Chief Information Officer, JPMorgan Chase.

Invigorating our global technologists at DEVUP

JPMorgan Chase’s second annual technology conference gives our engineers and data scientists a platform to connect, grow, and apply.

By Sandhya Sridharan, Global Head of Engineer’s Platform and Experience

One of the many exciting things about technology at JPMorgan Chase is the opportunities our workforce has to discover all of the innovation that is taking place at our firm, learn from each other, and celebrate their achievements. DEVUP, a conference created for developers by developers, perfectly encapsulates the firm’s commitment to nurturing our technologists’ curiosity, passion, and skills to drive innovation.

This week, over 500 JPMorgan Chase software engineers, data scientists, and developers from around the world have come together in our Plano, Texas technology center for an unforgettable experience. The attendees, ranging from members of our Global Technology Leadership to engineers just starting off their careers in the field, have been chosen to participate in this three-day event that celebrates their hard work and incredible talent.

Through interactive workshops, thought-provoking discussions, and connecting with each other, we’ll better understand the power of emerging technologies and how to solve complex challenges that will impact how we operate as a firm.

As modernization and technological advances rapidly increase, it is crucial that we invest in our engineers’ experiences, harness their strengths, and empower them to continue to find solutions to our customer problems and spearhead change across financial services.

JPMorgan Chase kicked off DEVUP for the first time in 2022. The conference consisted of multiple technical deep dives, hands-on labs, keynote discussions, and networking sessions where ideation and creativity never stopped. We covered all of the hot topics in fintech and more, including public cloud adoption, quantum computing, AI/ML and VR/AR. Given last year’s success, this year has been no different.

I’m honored to co-host this event with Gill Haus, Chase’s Chief Information Officer for a second time. Thank you to everyone who attended – it’s been wonderful to meet so many of you and get to see all of the breakthrough work you’re developing.  I look forward to seeing how we will apply the learnings as we go forward.

The future of technology is here, and we are ready! To learn more about DEVUP and technology at our firm, click here.

Lori Beer Kicks Off DEVUP

By Catherine Livigni, Global Technology Communications

Over 500 Global Technology senior leaders and technologists from around the world have gathered in Plano for the second annual DEVUP – the firm’s exclusive software engineering conference.

Attendees will spend the next three days in wide-ranging discussions on cutting-edge research, interactive workshops, and hands-on experiences that celebrate engineering excellence.

The conference kicked off with an opening ceremony and keynote from Global Chief Information Officer Lori Beer, who emphasized how proud she was to be back at DEVUP, one of the few opportunities in financial services for software engineers to come together.

The word of the morning was community. DEVUP’s purpose is its community, dedicated to growth and support as we take ourselves and the ways in which we innovate and collaborate to the next level. Our work as individuals is important, but we won’t accomplish nearly as much as we will when we work together. “It is, simply, our Global Technology community that is the foundation of JPMorgan Chase’s success,” Lori says.

Over the next three days, the DEVUP community will be at the heart of some of Global Technology’s strategic efforts: modernization and our move to a hybrid cloud strategy, our focus on data and AI, cybersecurity, and delivering best-in-class employee experiences.

Lori challenged listeners to take the lessons that they learn this week back to their teams, share what they learn and take advantage of the connections they make with this community to make our work better. It is these connections and opportunities that make JPMorgan Chase and Global Technology a great place to work.

How to Do FinOps at JPMorgan Chase: GPS for Your Cloud Spend

By John Tyler, Chief Architect, Global Cleared Derivatives, Corporate and Investment Bank

Cloud infrastructure has a fundamentally different consumption model, so it makes sense that building applications on public cloud will require a new approach to financial planning. With this introduction, Beth Marki, Cloud Financial Management Product Owner for Infrastructure Platforms, Andrew Feig, FinOps Strategy and Practice Lead for Global Technology, and James Massa, Sr. Director of Architecture in Asset & Wealth Management Technology, introduced the concept of FinOps to attendees at DEVUP 2023 in Plano, Texas. In their session, they made the case for educating engineering teams on the practices of FinOps.

As the saying goes: "With great power comes great responsibility." By moving to public cloud, engineering teams get to take advantage of all of the great capabilities that come with it. At the same time, they must be cognizant of tracking and optimizing their infrastructure costs. Engineers are now empowered to provision new infrastructure with minimal capacity constraints, yet there is significant potential for extreme overspending, both intentional and accidental.

Their talk introduced us to the FinOps Framework, a set of guidelines and tools to help teams continuously and iteratively operate, track, and optimize their public cloud applications. This has been shepherded by FinOps Foundation, part of the Linux Foundation. In fact, at the time of this talk, JPMorgan Chase has more certified FinOps professionals than any other organization in the world. The firm has also recently achieved the FinOps Certified Enterprise certification from the industry defining FinOps Foundation, of which JPMorgan Chase is a governing board member.

As a leader in the adoption of FinOps practices, we’re constantly encouraging and educating our teams to create innovative solutions in every aspect of the FinOps Lifecycle – better ways to inform, operate, and optimize. Guided by these principles, among them collaboration, accountability, and accessibility, our teams recognize the value of this framework and are committed to revolutionizing cloud management.

FinOps is just one of the many areas we’re discussing here at DEVUP, and I look forward to what the rest of the week has in store!

To learn more about the FinOps Foundation, click here.

To learn more about DEVUP, click here.

JPMorgan Chase’s Pioneering Efforts in Quantum Computing

By Suzy Thornley, Associate Manager, Global Technology Center in Delaware

Imagine you are in Plano, Texas and you hear the word “qubit." Where does your brain automatically go? If it goes to barbecue, you'd be wrong!

On Wednesday evening at the Rough Riders Stadium, we heard from Marco Pistoia, Head of Global Technology Applied Research at JPMorgan Chase. Marco started the conversation by discussing the innovative and game changing implementation of quantum computing into financial technology.

So what is quantum computing? Great question! To learn more about this very in-depth subject matter, I did some research and found that quantum computing takes a problem with high complexity and looks at it from all variables to find the best solution given the data on hand.

Inspired by principles of quantum physics, the smallest unit of information in quantum computing is a qubit, which can exist as 0, 1 or simultaneously as 0 and 1, thereby allowing quantum simulations to concurrently process multiple values for the same variables. When two or more qubits are entangled in a closed system, they form something similar to a network that can unleash computational power far greater than that of classical computers, making this technology especially applicable to highly complex financial use cases, such as portfolio optimization, derivative pricing, and risk analysis.

The firm has compelling reasons to accelerate its work on quantum; it is crucial for the firm to be ahead of the game and be quantum-ready by the time the hardware becomes sufficiently powerful. With this goal in mind, our Global Technology Applied Research team is continuously researching breakthrough ways to leverage this technology. Our teams in this space have already published over 55 scholarly papers on quantum computing that have over 1,000 citations, and the firm holds over 50 patents in this area.

The second part of the presentation covered JPMorgan Chase’s use of quantum hardware. Global Technology Applied Research at JPMorgan Chase has been working with Quantinuum’s hardware since 2020, and the collaboration has helped the firm ensure its researchers have access to the latest quantum computers in the world.