Nate West, Sr. Data Scientist, Asset & Wealth Management Technology

In November 2022, I attended AfroTech with the primary goal of meeting and building community with more Black technologists. It was a mind-blowing experience because I had never been around so many beautiful, intelligent, and like-minded individuals. Being around this community was so inspiring and made me feel solidified as an engineer. For many reasons, I will always deeply cherish this experience.

AfroTech is where I met my current managers, who’ve led a remarkably effective team here at JPMorgan Chase. Since joining the firm, I feel like I’ve accomplished and learned an unbelievable amount, noticing so much professional and personal growth.

A year later, I had the opportunity to go back to AfroTech to represent JPMorgan Chase! It was a surreal experience to represent the firm and see what it’s like on the other side of the fence. There was a ton of top tech talent from all over the globe interested in learning more about tech at our firm. I enjoyed listening to the experiences, interests, and passions of students and early professionals. JPMorgan Chase had close to 80 representatives and approximately 800 candidates who engaged with us and were actively seeking opportunities.

I also attended various workshops about Generative AI and how other companies are incorporating it into their daily workflows, which was very inspiring and enlightening. The excitement around this technology is evident. My favorite session discussed the impact integrating GenAI into a company’s software development lifecycle.

AfroTech is a true gamechanger, and it's amazing that JPMorgan Chase has been a sponsor for the past two years. I am motivated and encouraged by JPMorgan Chase’s investments in diversity and its people.

Scene from the AfroTech conference.

Jeffery Rhymes, Vice President, Global Technology Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lead

AfroTech was the first conference I attended, where the weather perfectly complemented the overall experience. I arrived in Austin, Texas, on November 1st, greeted by a cool climate that made staying warm and cozy a priority for Day 1.

As Day 2 rolled in, the weather started to warm up, and the JPMorgan Chase booth at the Expo Hall began buzzing with energy. We put our best foot forward by inviting technologists from across the firm to greet and interview potential candidates. The power of Black excellence was on full display, with entrepreneurs, technologists and corporate leaders taking charge of their futures and thriving with joy throughout the event. The assignment: start fast and finish strong.

By Day 3, you couldn't help but resonate with all the positive things you had heard about the conference. Now, the incredible AfroTech experience has become a reality. There’s little time to rest with sessions and activities happening throughout the day, but there's an abundance of opportunities for personal growth. Each day, attendees engaged in immersive experiences that were empowering, thought-provoking and culturally relevant. The objective: embrace every opportunity your capacity can handle.

Day 4 was the last day of the conference. Whether you were soaking in knowledge to elevate your personal brand or having an on-site interview to advance your career, AfroTech aimed to make your experience unforgettable. The goal was simple: leave better than when you arrived.

Scene from the AfroTech conference.