Gaurav Verma

Georgia Tech, Advisor: Srijan Kumar.

Gaurav Verma is a Ph.D. student at Georgia Tech, working with Professor Srijan Kumar. Gaurav's research aims to develop robust multimodal and natural language processing approaches to improve human-AI interactions, with a focus on ensuring safety, equity, and well-being. As large language and vision-language models find applications in diverse scenarios ranging from social good to conversational web search, Gaurav aims to investigate and improve their usability and effectiveness. His work has resulted in several top-tier academic publications and granted patents, and it has been covered by platforms like TechCrunch and Forbes. He is a recipient of the Snap Research Fellowship (2022) and the Rising Star Doctoral Student Research Award from Georgia Tech's College of Computing (2022), and has been a finalist of the Adobe Research PhD Fellowship (2022).

Gaurav also collaborates with Policy scholars to understand the impact of AI innovation on Public Values. Before starting his doctoral studies, Gaurav was with Adobe Research (India), where he worked on multimodal content synthesis and controlled language generation. He completed his undergraduate studies from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in 2018.