Shaojie Bai

Carnegie Mellon University

Shaojie Bai is a third-year PhD student in the Machine Learning Department of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), working with J. Zico Kolter.

Shaojie's research direction focuses on integrating optimizations with deep learning algorithms, especially in the sequence domain (e.g., textual, time-series, etc.). His current research studies 1) the unification of different model families in sequence modeling; and 2) the scalability and representational capacity of implicit-depth models, which involves rethinking some of the current "deep" approaches. He is also interested in extending these algorithms to other applications, and has won the 1st place of a Kaggle competition on predicting molecular properties.

Shaojie received his BS in Computer Science and BS in Applied Mathematics from CMU in 2017, where he graduated with University Honor.