Sumitra Ganesh, PhD

AI Research Director

Dr Sumitra Ganesh leads the Multi-agent Learning & Simulation group at JPMorgan AI Research. Her team’s research focuses on modeling complex economic systems, efficient policy learning and mechanism design. Sumitra has led the development of a multi-agent simulation platform that uses reinforcement learning to learn agent behaviors in a scalable manner. The simulation platform developed by her team is being used across multiple use cases (market simulation, operational processes, consumer loan markets) for counterfactual analysis and strategy optimization.

Prior to joining AI Research, Sumitra led the X-asset Client Intelligence team in the Corporate & Investment Bank at J.P.Morgan where she worked with sales and product teams to improve client experience. Her team developed the first personalization engine for J.P. Morgan Markets and machine learning products to improve workflow for Equities sales. Prior to joining JPMorgan in 2016, Sumitra was part of Franchise Analytics Strats at Goldman Sachs, where she spearheaded the use of machine learning for sales applications. Sumitra has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley. Her thesis was focused on recognizing goal-directed human actions from 3D visual data by using inverse learning to infer the goal of the action from observed motion trajectories.