Daniel Borrajo, PhD

AI Research Director

Dr. Daniel Borrajo has been an AI Research Director at J.P. Morgan AI Research since 2019. He is also a Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (on leave), where he was Head of the Computer Science Department and Head of the Planning and Learning Group. He has more than 35 years of experience of work on AI, from the research side as well as developing AI solutions for companies. His main research interests are in the integration of the two main AI paradigms: model-based (e.g., AI Planning) and model-free (e.g., Machine Learning).

Daniel has published 200+ research papers. He has been Program Chair of AI-related international conferences, regularly serves on the program committee of leading international AI conferences and he is currently Associate Editor ofthe Artificial Intelligence Journal. As an AI Research Director at J.P. Morgan, Daniel leads research and business projects with high impact.