We employ state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) techniques, coupled with the latest data science infrastructure and delivery of high-quality and compliant data, to harness the power of data and solve our most challenging business problems.

Within the Corporate & Investment Bank (CIB), we offer a wide-range of business solutions including predictions, pricing models, client intelligence, virtual assistants, smart documents, news analytics, anomaly detection and more.

Our Teams

The Applied AI & Machine Learning and Digital Tools Services team partners across the Corporate and Investment Bank to deploy Data Science & Machine Learning Solutions for our most challenging business problems.

Comprised of a multi-disciplinary community of Data Scientists and Engineers that utilize cutting edge AI/ML techniques (e.g. Natural Language Processing, Time Series, Computer Vision and Reinforcement Learning etc.) to deliver differentiated products that transform how we work and drive real business impact. Current solutions in flight include: 1. Transformer models for documents understanding, 2. Contextual text generation for client interactions, 3. Uncertainty aware anomaly detection for reconciliations and 4. Learning to orchestrate task / process automation.

The Digital Tools Services team is looking to identify and accelerate the adoption of vendor solutions across the CIB that offer the following capabilities (Business Process Mapping, Robotics Process Automation, Data Transformation, Workflow, Document Digitization, and AI and Machine Learning) to automate manual processes, increase client experience and improve control environment to deliver real business impact.

The CIB Chief Data Office (CDO) is a business-centric organization that focuses on the delivery of high-quality and compliant data to our internal clients, for them to realize its true value.

CDO Data Quality: Supports data quality efforts through a number of initiatives, including regulatory and policy compliance, improves the overall quality of data and accelerates enablement of AI/ML

Reference Data Product: Responsible for the continued evolution of central services for Reference Data and other shared data, to ensure that needs of internal customers are met

CDO Governance: CDO Governance office ensuring that data can be accessed and moved swiftly in compliance with internal policies, laws and regulations

APAC CDO: Firmwide Asia CDO covering local regulatory demands and initiate delivery in APAC

Strategic Partnership: Responsible for strategic partnerships that help accelerate the CDO & Data Analytics agenda

The CIB Data and Analytics Technology (CIB DAT) organization delivers a modern data management infrastructure and breakthrough AI/ML technologies for the firm’s developers, architects, data scientists, and information owners.  These innovative services and products provide easy-to-find, trusted, and compliant data to enable data-driven business transformations, solve complex business problems, and automate generalized ML needs for firmwide use in a complex JPMC hybrid environment.

PricingDirect provides evaluated pricing for a wide universe of fixed income and derivative instruments. Utilizing market intelligence from buy-side and sell-side market participants, the J.P. Morgan trading desks and quantitative research teams, and electronic trading platforms, PricingDirect is able to price nearly 2.5 million securities multiple times a day. We consistently enhance our coverage capabilities to meet client demand, and adjust our delivery mechanisms to fit within each client’s workflow.

Our team has extensive experience with the criticality of pricing data, especially in volatile markets, and is one of the leading sources of timely and accurate market data for a variety of financial services firms.

Our People

We know our people are our strongest asset. We’re committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels like they belong

“As a female non-native English speaker, I have always felt that the company is highly focused on diversity and inclusion, and no matter where you are from nor what your background is, the only thing that matters is your talent, your uniqueness and your dedication to your team and your work – J.P. Morgan will always make sure to find the right place for you to fulfill your ambition.”

"Working at J.P. Morgan for about nine years, mobility is supported within the firm and there are a vast amount of roles, projects and opportunities available. I can attest to this after moving from a software engineering role to a data science role within the firm after completing my master's program. The transition for me was very smooth. - If you are keen on exploring various opportunities in an investment bank, J.P. Morgan is the right environment for you!"

"The culture across J.P. Morgan really lends itself for people early on in their career seeking more responsibility, and guided by their managers and mentors, to reach their full potential. Personally, I have been empowered to continuously push my boundaries and collaborate closely with all the talented individuals in the firm, whether that is within my team or across the company. Challenging the status quo through new ideas, fresh perspectives and collaboration is highly valued."

“Regularly interacting with and presenting to senior leaders within the organisation and the business acts as a good reminder that our work is driving impact and adding value"

Our Community

We understand that relationships and partnerships are at the heart of a successful team. That's why the CIB Data & Analytics team is dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts to create a thriving community across the Chief Data & Analytics Office and showcase the team as an as an employer of choice for Data and Analytics professionals at all career levels, in Financial Services and across Big Tech.

Our Leadership

Samik Chandarana

CIB Chief Data and Analytics Officer

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Charles Holive

Head of CIB Applied AI/ML and Digital Tools Services

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Christoph Hilpert

Deputy CIB Chief Data Officer

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Limi Poon

Head of Program Execution for the CIB Data Technology Modernization Strategy

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Vicki Purton

CIB Chief Data Analytics Officer Business Manager

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Neil Hyman

CEO of PricingDirect and Head of Data Products for the CIB

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Grant McKenzie

Head of the CIB Data & Analytics Technology

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