The Machine Learning Center of Excellence (MLCOE) is a group of specialized Machine Learning scientists who partner with businesses within JPMorgan Chase and their analytics teams. Through our collaborative approach, we build, deploy and share ML solutions using the latest innovations and methods in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


The MLCOE applies cutting edge ML and AI methods to challenging problems across JPMorgan Chase. We actively collaborate with data analytics, engineering and product teams across all functions – from sales and trading to digital, operations, finance and risk – and every line of business from wholesale banking through to retail.

Our approach combines business knowledge with deep technical AI/ML expertise to build and deploy compatible, scalable solutions across the firm. The team has expertise in many Machine Learning areas including Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Time Series and Reinforcement Learning.


  • Time Series Analysis

    Analyze a sequence of data points that occurred in succession over a period of time in order to predict future probabilities

  • Reinforcement Learning

    Training intelligent agents to take an optimal action in a particular environment to maximize reward

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    Interpret and comprehend human language in text format

  • Large Language Models

    Deep neural networks trained on vast datasets, LLMs power complex tasks in summarization, Q&A, generative text, code and more

  • Speech Recognition

    Transcribe spoken language into a written format

  • Graph Analytics

    Represent the relationships between various entities in graph structures which are then leveraged for predictive tasks and business insights

  • Large Scale Computing

    Applies ML technologies to accelerate large scale and complex numerical models and computations

  • Recommender Systems

    Provide suggestions for items that are most relevant to an individual user

  • Representation Learning

    Automatically discover the representations needed for feature detection or classification from raw data


Lidia Mangu

Head of the Machine Learning Center of Excellence

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Chak Wong

Head of MLCOE Time Series and Reinforcement Learning

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Naren Chittar

Head of MLCOE Silicon Valley Campus

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