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Market, Data and
Positioning Intelligence

Intelligence at your fingertips, when you need it most.

The availability of data and information when you need it most - trust J.P. Morgan as the partner to aggregate and analyze market information to help bring you clarity.

Leveraging our innovative technologies, wide-reaching data sources and extensive market access, the team’s three pillars can provide the information you need to execute in fast-moving markets.

Find out more about each pillar and how they can help your needs below.

Our Global Market, Data and Positioning Intelligence team can help you interpret the market of today - fast.

Market Intelligence

The J.P. Morgan Market Intelligence team produces high frequency market insights and ideas using a combination of fundamental analysis, global macro, data and quantitative techniques.

Our real-time coverage of market-moving events (e.g. US elections, Brexit) and focus on both tactical and long-term market themes (e.g. Value vs Growth, Retail trading frenzy & the short squeeze, and fiscal & monetary policy) ensures you have the insights when you need them the most.


Look ahead and back each day with intraday insights to help shape your daily decisions.


Our Week Ahead update will keep you informed of the week’s big announcements and events, as well as a roundup of the macro agenda for the upcoming week.


Explore the key tactical and medium term themes across markets, sectors, factors, countries, single stocks and the baskets / thematic space.

Access our publications via J.P. Morgan Markets

Data Intelligence

A wealth of data at your fingertips - our Data Intelligence team provides proprietary market data and signals from our industry leading Markets business, including data sets from Equities and Fixed Income. These data sets can be accessed via API, excel add-in or Web UI via DataQuery. Reach out to your sales representative or the Data & Analytics Sales team for more details.

For more information, visit Data Query

Positioning Intelligence

Get insights across a range of positioning themes through thoughtful construction of relevant metrics, deep data analysis and a clear expression of ideas. The team analyzes a wide range of positioning-related metrics, including those from the J.P. Morgan Prime book, and covers topics such as sector, region, and factor tilts, leverage, flows, strategy differences, performance, alpha, and crowding.

Prime Time

Prime Time summarizes the main themes in focus, providing you with a collated view of a wide range of positioning metrics, including those observed within the J.P. Morgan Prime book.

Tactical Takes

Tactical Takes provides a spotlight on the most recent market and positioning trends when they’re most needed, direct to your mailbox.

Find out more about our Prime offering


ESG Insights
The wider Market, Data and Positioning Intelligence teams work together to produce differentiated long term thought pieces and tactical reports to help you find the most attractive ESG opportunities in the market on a regular basis.
Signal from the Noise
Signal from the Noise is a market timing tool for the S&P500 based on J.P. Morgan Fundamental & Positioning signals, data for which can also be tracked real time on the J.P. Morgan DataQuery platform. The framework provides a powerful but relatively straightforward framework for assessing market upside, and the drivers of that market upside, the result of work through over 50 data sets, spanning macro & corporate fundamentals, flows, options, vol, hedge fund betas, short interest and leverage data.
Taking Stock
Taking Stock marries the macro thematic playbook with single stock ideas on a regular basis, honing on topics such as reflation, inflation, pricing power, search for yield and domestic vs exporter trades across global markets.


By scouring the breadth of J.P. Morgan fundamental, data and positioning intelligence, we strive to ‘cut through the noise’ to provide our clients with a unique lens on markets.
Eloise Goulder
Head of Market, Data and
Positioning Intelligence
J.P. Morgan

Andrew Tyler - Head of US Market Intelligence

Krupa Patel - Head of International (EMEA & APAC) Market Intelligence

John Schlegel - Head of Positioning Intelligence

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