Trade and Working Capital

In an ever-changing macroeconomic, geopolitical and supply chain environment, leverage our market-leading global trade expertise to help you focus on what’s most important: your business.


2022 Greenwich Quality Leader and #1 Share Leader in US Large Corporate Trade Finance.


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Trade and Working Capital



At JPMorgan, we have been leading trade for over a century. And with our new market-leading investments and alliances, our future looks even brighter.

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Trade and Working Capital



At JPMorgan, we have been leading trade for over a century. And with our new market-leading investments and alliances, our future looks even brighter.

For thousands of years, global trade has fueled our greatest advancements by allowing those who specialize in anything to exchange that for everything. Shaping societies, building economies, driving progress towards the future from close to home to far from home yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Global trade shapes how we live, what we make, and how we do business.

At JPMorgan, we have been leading trade for over a century. And with our new market-leading investments and alliances, our future looks even brighter. As a leading bank in global trade, we are here to advise and help you navigate the digital revolution with predictive payment behavior, credit analytics, other big data and AI insights that facilitate automation.

Solve your evolving and complex trade challenges with unmatched industry experts who help clients build strategic and tailored solutions. Optimize your working capital needs to meet your risk mitigation and cash flow objectives. And contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world by removing the paper and developing innovative ESG finance programs.

And position your business to thrive in an era of service, technology, and industry transformation all backed by security you can trust. As we enter a new era of trade, we are here to simplify the challenges you face wherever you operate at every step of your journey because this is what we specialize in so you can specialize on your anything. Welcome to the future of trade. We are Trade and Working Capital at JPMorgan Payments. 

  • Accelerate your path forward

    Optimize working capital and enhance cash conversion by extending days payable outstanding, reducing days inventory outstanding and days sales outstanding, and driving strategic growth.

  • Improve operational efficiency

    Enhance transparency, reduce disputes, streamline cross-border payments and expedite execution throughout the transaction life cycle.

  • Navigate the digital revolution

    Realize automated, smart and customizable efficiencies through our digital offerings.

  • Establish ESG and DE&I priorities

    Build a sustainable future and facilitate equitable access to financing using our vast trade capabilities.

  • Take advantage of our global network

    Access certainty of price and funding through our fortress balance sheet and extensive funding and distribution networks.

Supply Chain Finance

Meet your working capital, cash flow and risk mitigation objectives.


Taulia, global supply chain support

Accelerate payments and optimize working capital with the Early Payment Program from J.P. Morgan and Taulia.


KLYM, for small and medium enterprises in Latin America

Take advantage of local and cross-border supply chain finance and dynamic discounting products and services through the strategic alliance between J.P. Morgan and KLYM.


Discover our digital trade solutions

  • Trade Channel tool

    Eliminate paper from trade finance flows using J.P. Morgan Trade Channel.

    See how it works

  • Trade Express Inquiry tool

    Obtain quick and easy access to the status of your trade finance transactions using the J.P. Morgan Trade Express Inquiry tool; see how it works or go directly to the tool.

    Use Trade Express Inquiry

  • Trade Express Application tool

    Create and submit your online Standby Letter of Credit application using the new J.P. Morgan Trade Express Application tool.

    See how it works


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Future proofing trade transactions

J.P. Morgan has formed a strategic alliance with Cleareye, a fintech that helps financial institutions streamline the onerous due diligence processing associated with documentary trade transactions. was named 2023 "Fintech Startup of the Year" by Global Trade Review and is poised to deliver industry-leading digital solutions to help future proof the challenges faced by trade finance operations today. In early 2023, J.P. Morgan continued its collaboration with Cleareye with the launch of their ClearTrade Compliance Module.

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