The way we make and receive payments is transforming. Businesses see the impact of digitalization as consumers and expect the same for their wholesale experience. For trade, the goal is speed, efficiency, transparency, improving cash flow while mitigating risks. But today, almost all trade transactions still involve some form of physical documentation. Research shows that highly paper-based and manual documentation is the biggest pain point in the trade finance flow for 60% of corporates and 65% of banks.


At J.P. Morgan, our vision is to help digitize trade for our clients by removing the paper. We invest in the best available tools and technologies to help automate, streamline, and simplify processes. Our proprietary Trade Channel is a global online system designed to support the digitization of trade transactions across all traditional trade products. Trade Channel is designed to help you gain operational efficiencies and cost savings by offering intuitive features and functionality that streamline the trade finance flow while reducing the need for paper for example, by eliminating the need for written signatures, allowing for more efficient management of the approvals process.


For high volume transaction uses, the system also supports more fully automated flows. With over 80 standardized reports, you can gain visibility and end-to-end transaction activities using robust reporting and inquiry tools. Trade Channel also allows the flexibility to create more customized report views using data export definitions, which can be set to auto generate on demand and deliver by email, helping treasurers, procurement teams, and third party agents to find the answers they need at the touch of a button.


In addition, these features are underpinned by J.P. Morgan's world class security and data management controls. Trade Channel supports global industry standards together with multi-factor authentication capabilities, enabling you to manage your user community by determining who has access to the system as well as defining individual user entitlements.


Our global client service teams provide dedicated support enabling two-way dialogue, helping turn client needs and feedback into new product enhancements. With J.P. Morgan's global scale and commitment to innovation, we continue to invest in Trade Channel to offer our clients a world-class digital user experience.



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