You write a check, you send it in the mail, you forget about it. But for companies across the country, this is just the beginning. While checks may no longer be the payments powerhouse they were in the pre-ecommerce era, they are still the backbone of many businesses, and the need to manage these accounts receivable is an important – and expensive – one.

Handling your own accounts receivables is difficult: it requires on-site staff, security measures, equipment, and the need to maintain an ongoing partnership with the postal service. You need to invest in technology, scanning equipment, and human capital... all of which is expensive.

Luckily for our clients, this is part of our DNA. We are continuously monitoring clients’ needs, keeping pace with technology, and investing in the best people. From the outside, it’s simple – the massive machine of our wholesale lockbox is behind it all.

Ongoing investment

The pandemic hit businesses and industries hard, but now that the smoke is clearing, J.P. Morgan is stronger than ever; we have invested and are continuing to invest millions of dollars to ensure that our product is top of the line.  With 12 wholesale lockbox locations and four of which are global hubs, we have the scale to continually provide this reliable service with no regional dependencies.

While many of our competitors have outsourced their lockbox service, we are committed to keeping this business in-house, and we see every day the impact that this makes to companies across the country. We have the flexibility and desire to make investment and process decisions that continue to improve the client experience. 

As important as product development is, our strength is in our people. With an average tenure of 10 years across our teams, we attract a wide array of talent, including colleagues from the Second Change Initiative, Autism @ Work and other Neurodiverse Candidate Programs, Year Up, and Veterans Jobs Mission.  This dedicated workforce kept the lights on, with minimal disruption, during the toughest part of the pandemic; we are all acutely aware that our clients depend on this cash flow, and it is imperative to maintain the service we provide. This continued investment in our people, and our product, ensures our clients can trust us to excel for them.

Benefits of wholesale lockbox

  • Cost. Clients no longer have to worry about the myriad expenses that are required to maintain the service.
  • Efficiency. The ongoing efficiencies that come from outsourcing your requirements.
  • Cash flow. Reduced DSO (days sales outstanding) resulting in increased client cash flow.
  • Ease. With accounts receivable comes a lot of paperwork, aligning invoices to payments, discounts and nuances. We take care of it all.
  • Resilient. Using our wholesale lockbox means minimal disruption, regardless of outside factors. 

See why J.P. Morgan was ranked as Number One wholesale lockbox provider

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