Thank you for selecting J.P. Morgan to provide you with an alternate source of liquidity at attractive pricing. You will be able to accelerate payment through an early payment program that discounts invoices at low rates. This solution allows you to reduce your days sales outstanding (DSO) while increasing the predictability of your cash flow. Both buyers and Suppliers can access a secure, automated web-based platform and gain real-time visibility into invoice and payment information.

J.P. Morgan’s Supply Chain Financing program has successfully serviced clients and their suppliers across the globe since 1994. We look forward to working with you.

Benefits for suppliers:

  • Opportunity to sell receivables for cash and reduce DSO
  • Option to collect early payment when needed
  • Access to low-cost financing outside their bank credit line
  • Realization of more reliable cash flows
  • Auto or manual discount options allow choice of all or a few invoices
  • Streamlined Internet-based reporting
  • Mitigates buyer payment risk
  • More predictable cash flow
  • Additional source of liquidity

The Supplier Calculator should help you understand the potential financial benefits of participating in the J.P. Morgan Supply Chain Finance program. Please note that the following calculator is for illustrative purposes only. Actual rates and results may vary.


  1. Fill out the BLUE boxes with terms as agreed with the Buyer
  2. Hit “Run Calculation” button

Annual Supplier Spend:
Buyer Payment Terms with Supplier:
Days for Buyer to Approve Invoice:
Days of Financing: