Accounts Receivable Finance

Tailored accounts receivable solutions address working capital challenges for your business - and your clients.

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Rethink your accounts receivable strategy with J.P. Morgan Payments.

Your business receives upfront payment to improve liquidity, shorten sales cycles, and accelerate revenue growth. Your clients pay over time with structured buy now, pay later receivables solutions and you benefit from dedicated sales support throughout the entire transaction cycle.

Unlock working capital with accounts receivable finance solutions

Solutions to help your business grow

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    Invoice finance

    Simple, straightforward purchase of receivables (invoices) on a single obligor and portfolio basis helps drive growth, manage liquidity, reduce days sales outstanding, and improve cash flow.

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    Contract monetization

    Our contract monetization solution is designed for subscription-based or “as-a-service” product models, including subscription arrangements, intellectual property licensing and cloud space. Monetize long term contracts with buy now, pay later programs to unlock working capital, accelerate cash flow and simplify procurement.

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    Inventory finance

    Our inventory finance solutions provide off-balance sheet treatment to unlock working capital trapped in inventory, reduce days inventory outstanding, and maintain critical stock levels to build resiliency in your supply chain and help your business grow, even in time of economic uncertainty. 

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    E-commerce finance

    Our e-commerce finance solution helps originators and marketplace platforms provide working capital support to their small and medium-sized business merchants, improving profitability and revenue with e-commerce finance. Learn how Wayflyer used flexible e-commerce finance solutions to increase short-term working capital here.

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    Government receivables

    Transform receivables into upfront capital while offering flexible payment terms for your customers with structured receivables solutions tailored to government agencies.

Contract monetization: the key to freeing up working capital for as-a-service providers

J.P. Morgan’s Contract monetization solution provides the ability to utilize a buy now, pay later program to unlock working capital, accelerate cash flow, and drive revenue.

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