Beta Program

  • What does “beta” mean?
    • Every software product has a lifecycle. We are currently in what is called the “beta” phase
    • The beta phase begins when a product is useful but not complete or ready for all users
    • By participating in beta, you’ll become an important part of the Virtual Assistant’s evolution. Your participation and feedback will help us release the best possible version of our product
  • What can I expect from the virtual assistant during the beta phase?
    • You may see responses that are not the expected user experience, revealing gaps in the Virtual Assistant’s knowledge. This is normal. In fact, the more feedback you share, the smarter the Virtual Assistant becomes over time
    • The Virtual Assistant will go through a lot of changes in the next several months so expect updates 
    • Please continue to come back and test as often as you can

By participating the Beta Program, you acknowledge and agree that you have read and are bound by Beta Service Terms.