ESG Solutions

Offering ESG-related advisory and coordinating J.P. Morgan's EMEA coverage of clients in emerging green economy sectors.

What we do

ESG Solutions is a specialist team of investment bankers who provide ESG-related advice and transaction support to advance sustainability solutions for our clients and enable access to ESG and sustainability focused capital across equity, debt and private markets. In Europe, the Middle East & Africa, ESG Solutions also co-ordinates J.P. Morgan’s investment banking coverage of clients in emerging green economy sectors. The group sits in the Investment and Corporate Banking division (IBC) of the Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB). It works with other investment banking teams across the CIB to identify and execute on ESG-related advisory and product opportunities. Since inception, ESG Solutions has helped clients access ESG-focused capital across equity, debt and private markets and has had a key role in several initial public offerings (IPOs).

ESG Solutions collaborates with other teams that offer ESG products and services. For example, they partner with J.P. Morgan’s Development Finance Institution in originating and structuring sustainable development finance transactions. The group also works with J.P. Morgan’s Center for Carbon Transition when transactions fall under the scope of our Carbon Compass methodology and require an assessment against J.P. Morgan’s 2030 Paris-aligned portfolio targets. In the financing space, where J.P. Morgan is a market-leading arranger of Green, Social, Sustainability and Sustainability-Linked Bonds, ESG Solutions collaborates closely with the ESG Debt Capital Markets team. In addition to promoting the sustainability agenda, ESG Solutions works closely with J.P. Morgan’s Director Advisory Services, to advise corporate clients and individuals on corporate governance and board composition.

ESG Solutions is a key business within J.P. Morgan's Corporate Advisory & Sustainable  Solutions (CASS). CASS is committed to helping clients accelerate and amplify their impact in the global economy, while navigating the shifting industrial policy and accelerating the trend towards sustainability and decarbonization. CASS offers clients holistic advice, capital markets solutions and targeted capital deployment, partnering with coverage and product teams across businesses and functions, including the Corporate & Investment Bank, Commercial Banking and global Corporate Sustainability. 


  • 00:02:42 - ESG

    Clean Tech Stars Conference

    The conference brought together companies that are leading the way to find solutions and technologies that are required for the world to address the net zero commitment by 2050.

  • 00:18:02 - Markets

    The Outlook on ESG with Chuka Umunna

    How are countries and individual firms balancing climate goals amid the ongoing energy crisis?

Our team

Rama Variankaval

Managing Director

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Chuka Umunna

Managing Director

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Maximilian Meyer

Executive Director

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Henri de Branche

Executive Director

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Cristina Serbanescu

Vice President

Nicolò Dall’Antonia


Vitaliy Komar


Polly Tao


Fabian Sittmann


Shantanu Lal


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