It’s a huge contrast to the single market, single currency ecosystem in North America, but the diversity of European and Asia Pacific markets is proving to be a considerable bonus for forward thinking companies implementing digital payments infrastructure. Recognized with key wins in the recent Treasury Management International awards, J.P. Morgan clients are benefitting from technology advances, best practices and a burgeoning innovation culture.

Three things to know:

1. Consumers in APAC are a key driver of change – their high expectations demand constant advances in technology, pushing businesses to constantly improve and innovate. Keenly aware of this need, Alibaba supported their network of 150,000 suppliers with a new J.P. Morgan solution to help track incoming cross border payments. With a similarly global outlook, Ant Group picked up an award for their treasury transformation, supporting buyers and sellers in over 200 countries.

2. Covid-19 is another less-welcome common ground between regions, although the disruption has bred true innovation. Unilever’s API deployment has reorganized their European business, initially brought about by the pandemic but now embedded as a best practice solution. Meanwhile, PayPal refused to be hindered by the pandemic, relentlessly pressing ahead with a super-fast integration with minimum disruption.

3. European regulations have fostered a culture of top-down ESG strategy, setting the standard for business. This is in contrast with North America, where demand for sustainable policies is bottom-up, with change driven by consumers and entrepreneurs. In the case of Bridgestone, their award-winning solution places ESG at the core of the product, rather than an ancillary benefit – an approach commended by the TMI Awards.

In APAC, multinational institutions are investing and prioritising the transformation of their treasury operations and working capital management to ensure their leading positions in their respective industries. Alan Lin, Asia Pacific Head of Core Cash Management, J.P. Morgan says: “As companies are moving to online procurement and sales activities, the new standards for best treasury practices include 24/7 real-time processing and data exchange, seamless integration of their global liquidity, adoption of virtual as well as more advanced account management solutions, efficient supply chain management, and use of data analytics for better and faster decision making.”

“In APAC, we are leading the market by leveraging the latest technologies, such as blockchain, innovative API applications, data analytic tools, and digital supply chain finance platform, supporting our clients in growing their business, and in achieving the optimal treasury and working capital management globally."

Sara Castelhano, Managing Director, EMEA Payments & Commerce Solutions Product at J.P. Morgan, agrees that are there common themes – and common complexities - across regions. “We already know that many corporations are dealing with the same issues, regardless of their geography, so it makes sense to replicate solutions that are tried, tested and verified – and these awards really highlight that."

“From a European perspective, we are leading the charge when it comes to innovation and digitization, and our vision is to transform the future of payments as the industry’s most trusted innovator and to empower businesses to thrive. The best kind of recognition is seeing this in clients, and we are delighted that their determination and drive to innovate has been recognized as best-in-class with these awards.”

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