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I'm Nicole with Fintech is Femme, here at Money 20/20. Let's go inside.


We're about to go see Lia Cao with JPMorgan speak. Let's go. I love that JP Morgan is focused on omnichannel experiences, and bringing trust and transparency to the fintech ecosystem. OK, so this is Humans of Fintech. So I do like to start off with, why is it, from your perspective, so crucial for women to see fintech as this worthwhile industry for entrepreneurship?

I think that fintech has this amazing power to democratize access to all kinds of things, not just basic financial services, but then growth, personal growth.
Join communities. I mean, that's one thing, right? It's be a part of resources, get the resources you need to be the confident self that you need and to push forward. It's going to be great to get an inside look at what JPMorgan is envisioning for the future of payments and commerce. At the end of the day, our business is about helping people and
I'm so excited to see where these new connections take us.


Event agenda

Las Vegas, Nevada
October 22-25, 2023

Resiliency in the face of black swans
Alton McDowell, J.P. Morgan
Jeff Forkan, Gusto
Bianca Gates, Birdies
Dayna Quanbeck, Rothy’s
Sunday, October 22, 1:15 PM – 2:05 PM PST

A marketplace differentiator
Lia Cao, J.P. Morgan (moderator)
Stefan Jensen, Sephora
Pawan Modani, Walmart.com
Monday, October 23, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM PST

CFO Masterstroke: next-level liquidity and payments strategies 
Josh Comer, J.P. Morgan
Nancy Morlini, RealPage
Bob Stark, Kyriba
Doug Reed, Bill
Tuesday, October 24, 11:50 AM - 1:30 PM PST

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Meet the experts

  • Alton McDowell

    Alton McDowell is Co-Head of the Technology & Disruptive Commerce Group in the Middle Market Specialized Industries (MMBSI) for J.P. Morgan. Previously, he was a Managing Director in the Financial Institutions Group (FIG) in Corporate Client Banking & Specialized Industries (CCBSI). In his current role, he is responsible for defining and shaping a national group that is dedicated to serving early stage companies, particularly those with steep growth trajectories and disruptive product and service offerings in categories such as software, semiconductors, food, health and wellness, home and lifestyle and apparel.

  • Lia Cao

    Lia Cao is Managing Director, Head of Embedded Finance & Solutions at J.P. Morgan Payments, in the Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB). In this role, Lia leads a global product and solutioning team to build and deliver a full suite of innovative and scalable embedded finance products, industry-tailored payment solutions and value-added services that power our clients to transform commerce experiences for their ecosystem participants. The embedded finance product suite ranges from embedded payments, lending to banking solutions. Value-added services include trust & safety and data & analytics. And the industry solutions cover healthcare payment solutions, mobility payment solutions, gaming and more.

  • Josh Comer

    Josh Comer is Head of Global Liquidity & Account Solutions (GLS) for Commercial Banking (CB) at JPMorgan Chase. While serving in this role since June 2017, Josh has grown this team into a global organization serving the needs of CB clients across all regions, industries and sizes.  As Head of GLS, Josh manages product solutioning, product management & delivery, deposit rates & balance sheet management, as well as product analytics, pricing & strategy.

Event highlights

13,000 attendees, more than 350 speakers… Money20/20 USA is colossal. If it seems like a lot, don't worry – we’ve got you covered. Join us for daily coverage from the Venetian in Vegas, bringing you all of the very best insights from the payments experts: the founders, the developers, and the best in the business.

Day 3

Day Three: Rubber hits the road

What does a game changing Treasury stack look like? Well, since 1 in 3 of today’s sessions focused on treasury, this was a very appropriate place to start. ‘CFO Masterstroke: Next-Level Liquidity and Payments Strategies’ - which featured J.P. Morgan’s Josh Comer, Kyriba’s Bob Stark, Doug Reed from Bill and Isabelle Meyer Stapf from Realpage – discussed just that. The discussion was dominated by new strategies, and technology and payments-centric business models that have emerged. The overriding question was how CFOs should construct their strategies to maximize liquidity, while managing risk and emerging regulatory considerations. Not an easy one to answer, but the recommendations from this session were focusing on managing liquidity, consolidating and optimizing operations, transforming the treasury functions to support corporate complexity, and driving growth of the business.

Pay by Bank

In ‘Pay By Bank: A Viable Challenger to the Card Duopoly?’ the message was clear: for the ease of adoption there needs to be easy, familiar, no registration and regulations protecting consumers in pay by bank transactions. Panellists from Trustly, PYMNTS.com, Subway and BNY Mellon explored the idea that the adoption rate for Pay By Bank could be fuelled through consumer fatigue with multiple fees and their desire for alternatives. Anecdotally, the panellists agreed, there is interest from the younger demographic in the US in alternative payment methods. Food for thought indeed.

That’s a big word

Hands up who knows what ‘The Payments Prognostication’ means? Kim Robbins of the Federal Reserve Financial Service sure does, taking a prophetic stance in her keynote speech, and detailing the significant role in of Central Banks in the market in moving towards innovation. We heard more about FedNow, a real-time gross settlement system, expected to have 300 financial institutions on board by year-end. It represents the first new payment rail in 50 years. She also revealed that the Central Bank is focused on three pillars for the next 10 years: maximizing instant payments, simplifying technology, and enhancing the customer experience.

LATAM opportunities

Google, Dandelion, Getnet and PagoNxt shared a stage to consider ‘What's Next in LATAM Payments Ecosystem?’ Discussing the top trends to invest in to set your company up for success, the session examined e-commerce growth, omnichannel, data analytics and tap-to-pay technology. All panellists signified the importance of cross-border payment, orchestration platform, interoperability and consumer education – not to mention regulatory concerns.


  • J.P. Morgan’s Tanya Joseph’s designer shoes finally got the recognition they deserved, winning yesterday’s Run DMC competition. What happens in Vegas…
  • What they’re not talking about are lesser-used buzzwords compared to years past: DLT, BNPL, ESG, Web3, Metaverse.

Day 2

Day Two: Questions, answers, and the key to success

Day two is traditionally the most hectic in Money20/20 and this year was no different. We were straight down to business as J.P. Morgan’s Lia Cao moderated a ‘tech renaissance’ showcase session, focused on marketplaces, embedded finance, omni-channel and AI, and everything in between. Joined on stage by Sephora’s Stefan Jensen and Walmart eCommerce’s Pawan Modani, this stellar line up discussed the future of frictionless: fusing payments functionality and technology, and driven by the rise of e-commerce, platforms and marketplaces. The business heavyweights agreed though, innovation and scale – especially when choosing a banking partner – is the key to success.

Time to build

Speaking of heavyweights, the next session took the meatiest topics and brought them to us wholesale. ‘AI, Quantum, and Crypto: Get Ready for the Impact on Payments’ pulled no punches, with Mastercard, Microsoft, BMO and Bain & Co making up this panel of experts. Diving into how corporations are leveraging technology to build an inclusive payments ecosystem (the answer: by taking a deep dive on emerging technologies), the session also considered the potential to transform said ecosystem. Each shared interesting case studies, reassuringly safeguarded in the case of AI they say, to give the standing room-only audience a sneak peek into the future.

The customer is always right

Agility and collaboration were the main talking points at ‘Consumerization of Treasury: How Consumer Trends are Influencing Treasury Transformation’. PayPal, Bank of America, Mastercard and Cisco gathered for this deep dive into how consumers are driving treasury departments to adapt and transform. In other words, the consumer experience is shaping  the way companies manage cash flow and handle payments. As well as leading to a more seamless and efficient financial ecosystem, collaboration - between technology providers, banks, and fintech companies - is vital for success in the rapidly evolving landscape.

Real time gold rush

We’re big fans of Stephanie Kirkpatrick here, so seeing Orum on a line up made it a must-see. She was joined by Rocio Wu from F-Prime Capital, Glauber Mota from Revolut and Bernadette Ksepka from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. They all explored the best practices of other countries where real-time payments are an everyday occurrence, and discussed how real-time payments will expand. FedNow was the core to much of this, as well as B2C and C2B use cases. As to who will profit in this ‘gold rush’ – as the title question’s – the book is not yet written.

Auto payments

‘Modernizing the Auto Industry Through Better Payment Experiences’ revealed that consumers prioritize speed, convenience and choice when it comes to their in-car experiences. Panelists from Onbe, Maritz Automotive and Nissan agreed that they are driving the evolution of partnerships, aiming to deliver a full-suite and well-designed payment experience for consumers… crucially, along with the auto company branding. How? Incentivizing sales, and other industry executives, through instant payouts for introducing customers to subscriptions to Wi-Fi hotspot concierge services, subscription radio, financing or service contracts. Watch this space.

Open your wallet

It’s long been touted that digital wallets will play a central role in identity verification, access control, healthcare, education, and more. In the ‘Wallets for People’ session, the discussion took that to the next level, focusing on the importance of open-source software in creating interoperable, secure, and private wallets. Google, Visa, The Open Wallet Foundation, FIDO Alliance and EMVCo all agreed that the goal is to create open-source components for wallets to enhance security, privacy, and interoperability – while reducing the reliance on passwords.


  • Run DMC and designer shoes. It’s competition that could only happen at Money20/20
  • All this talk of embedded finance has everyone wondering how to work it into their business model
  • Chapstick, baby. If you know, you know


Day One: Black swans

It may be Sunday, but there’s no rest in Las Vegas, and we get right into it for the first day of the conference with a lunchtime session on ‘Resiliency in the face of black swans’. There are two key elements to bear in mind when facing such an event, the panelists shared: ensuring your partners have resiliency in place to face such events ,and ensuring that you know more about your partners than expected. J.P. Morgan’s Alton McDowell, Jeff Forkan from Gusto and Dayna Quanbeck from Rothys pointed out that geo-political uncertainty is always top of mind. But no matter how much information you may have, there is rarely a playbook when a crisis unfolds. Dayna put it best: what matters most in tough times is who you are working with.

What are they thinking?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFBP, has a lot on its plate these days. Ashwin Vasan, from the CPFB joined Rachel Morrissey of Money20/20’s ‘MoneyPot’ to give attendees a glimpse into what might be coming down the road. Most important, the panelists revealed, is the need for regulators to bring about changes to incorporate the evolving landscape in the fintech industry. Ashwin’s key takeways are simple:

  • Companies need to ensure that they maintain transparency, ethical consideration, and consumer protection
  • Fully understand the ownership of consumer data, and fostering strong relationship between banks and fintech partners
  • Focus on promoting innovation, while taking into consideration how to best safeguard customers

Developers matter, dangit

…with a session title like that, how could one resist? Discussing the power of the role of the developer feels like one of the most accurate panels of the day. Jared Jones (Moov), Andrea Martone (Atomic), Jillian Williams (Cowboy Ventures) and Ramana Satyavarapu (Nium) ably represented their peers, highlighting how open banking and embedded finance have opened the door to powerhouse developers. It’s all about no code/low code, so they say, and these guys are the ones to watch.


  • Sunday Night Live after party – networking Vegas style
  • Announcements from Uber, Amazon and others… and it’s only day one!
  • Get some rest, tomorrow will be even bigger.

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