The world generates over 300 million terabytes of data every day, making it critical for financial institutions to reimagine how new data sources can inform better decisions, lead to new client offerings, and drive novel revenue streams. With Liink by JP Morgan, we've architected a way for you to leverage collective intelligence across institutions, enabling you to securely access and share data beyond your walls, allowing you to generate new insights and power better decisions together. Imagine tapping into this robust ecosystem and immersing your business into a vetted network of participants. That's Liink, a secure, private, permissioned, blockchain-based network. Pioneering financial institutions are already harnessing Liink and its applications, collaborating with trusted payment technology networks to revolutionize their businesses. Confirmed by Liink, our global account validation service verifies billions of bank accounts from thousands of institutions around the world, helping your clients reduce the risk of payment failure, mitigate fraud, improve straight-through processing, and automate manual processes. Because when it comes to your clients, every payment matters. Whether it's to a new supplier during onboarding, a first-time beneficiary, a cross-border payment, or even a large one-time payment, you can offer your clients a new global account validation API or an embedded service within your digital payment channels using confirm, providing them with the tools they need to extend into new markets without connecting into multiple services. Let's unlock new opportunities for your business with collective intelligence powered by Liink.

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Miami Beach,USA,
November 3-6, 2023

The double edged sword: how AI empowers cyber defense and hackers

Max Alexander, J.P. Morgan
Saturday, November 4, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

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    Max Alexander is the Vice President of Cyber and Technology Emerging Threats Research at J.P. Morgan, where he is responsible for educating the firm and its clients on the best practices for mitigating evolving cyber threats and attacks. Prior to joining the firm in 2019, Max was the lead of the Digital Forensics and Insider Threat Team at the Pentagon. He is also a professor of Digital Forensics at the University of Maryland Global Campus.

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