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At J.P. Morgan, we’re dedicated to enabling cross-border payments and optimizing your liquidity, so you can operate and grow on a global scale. Our trusted cash management advisory services are built on more than a century of experience, and offer a deep understanding of the financial landscape. According to Coalition Greenwich we’re ranked #1 with financial institutions4 , with the expertise to help you seize new opportunities and realize your vision.

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Our Speakers – EBAday 2024

Day 1 – June 18

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    The Future of Payments: Digital, Instant…Profitable?

    10:30 – 11:20

    Michael Reinwald, Head of Financial Institution Group Sales Germany, Austria, Poland & CEE, J.P. Morgan Payments


    Join us in this strategic roundtable discussion about the future of payments and the potential for profitability.

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    Women in Banking and Payments

    12:30 – 13:15

    Katja Lehr, Managing Director, EMEA Payments and Commerce Solutions, J.P. Morgan Payments


    As the payments industry becomes more and more specialized, opportunities for women are opening up in various areas such as technology, Open Banking, ESG or regulation. How can the industry include more women in decision-making roles? Is there a “female” way of working, and how can that contribute to a career in banking and payments? What is the role of mentors and sponsors? How can banks, consultancies and payment service providers achieve gender parity, diversity and inclusion?

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    New Regulations – New Opportunities?

    15:45 – 16:30

    Katja Lehr, Managing Director, EMEA Payments and Commerce Solutions, J.P. Morgan Payments


    A multitude of new EU regulations and directives are on the horizon: how can these be turned into an advantage for the payment business? What are the regulatory trends to watch?

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    Reassessing Priorities in Liquidity Management

    16:45 – 17:30

    Vivek Chikballapu, Head of EMEA Liquidity and Account Specialists,
J.P. Morgan Payments


    How are inflation, high interest rates and elevated geopolitical uncertainty impacting today’s liquidity management ecosystem? How are banks adapting their business models and balance sheets? How are corporates responding to these challenges?

Day 2 – June 19

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    Removing Friction in International Cross-Border Payments

    10:00 – 10:45

    Vijay Lulla, Head of EMEA Cross Currency Product, J.P. Morgan Payments


    The need to support economical, faster more transparent cross-border payments is increasingly apparent. What is expected from new initiatives and alternative models to solve the cross-border challenge? What are the pros and cons of these competing models. How can collaboration help to improve value transfer?

Meet the experts

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    Michael Reinwald

    Head of Financial Institution Group Sales Germany, Austria, Poland & CEE
J.P. Morgan Payments


    Michael is the Head of Sales for Financial and Non-Bank Financial Institutions for J.P. Morgan in Germany, Austria and CEE. He has close to 20 years’ experience in the Financial Industry and 15 years in Payments in several coverage related roles. Michael has studied Business Administration at FU Berlin and lives in Frankfurt.

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    Katja Lehr

    Managing Director, EMEA Payments and Commerce Solutions,
J.P. Morgan Payments


    Katja is responsible for J.P. Morgan’s Payment Product offerings across the regional footprint and for industry outreach and advocacy. She was previously Global Head of Bank and Alternative Product Solutions at PayPal in San Jose, CA, USA. Before transitioning to the US, she worked for PayPal in Berlin, responsible for the build out of PayPal’s EMEA payment business. Lehr holds a diploma as Professional of Banking and a diploma in Financial Economy (LIFBA).

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    Vivek Chikballapur

    Head of EMEA Liquidity and Account Specialists,
J.P. Morgan Payments


    Vivek’s key focus is to enable clients to have Liquidity in the right place, right time and in the right currency. Prior to this role, he was the head of the EMEA Market Risk team for J.P. Morgan CIO and Treasury. Outside of J.P. Morgan, Vivek has a vast experience heading Structured Rates and FX market risk teams at Credit Suisse and also as a software Engineer at Infosys Technologies Ltd; India.


    Vivek is extremely passionate about career development and taking the time to mentor and coach individuals, and holds a Master’s Degree in Quantitative Finance from the University of Reading, UK and a Bachelor in Electronics Engineering from India.

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    Vijay Lulla

    Head of EMEA Cross Currency Product,
J.P. Morgan Payments


    With a visionary approach to shaping the future of global payments, Vijay Lulla is a seasoned transaction banker known for driving high standards, tapping into uncovered product potential and consistently delivering to client needs. Vijay heads the EMEA Cross Currency Payments product for J.P. Morgan and is responsible for delivering on the transactional FX solutions for clients across the Corporate and Financial Institutions Group (FIG) portfolio. He brings over 20 years of experience in the transaction banking space, covering roles across operations, sales, and product, and is passionate about people and spends time coaching and mentoring people in his free time.



Please note that currency footprint may vary by debit account branch location, subject to change.


J.P. Morgan Internal Data, 2024


J.P. Morgan Chase Proprietary Data, 2023

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