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Financial institutions are in the midst of a 32-month coexistence period for ISO 20022 en route to full industry migration in November 2025. This migration process is a catalyst for change within the financial services industry and adopting early can save a business time, money and resourcing. For those who haven’t made the transition to ISO yet, there is value to be gained in learning from peers who have already moved over. Since March 20, 2023, ISO 20022 MX Payments traffic started flowing through Swift, and with that the coexistence period for cross-border payment and reporting (CBPR+) began.

In this e-book, J.P. Morgan shares insights created early in this period that may be valuable to the wider public. Within this book are actual use cases stemming from real questions and inquiries our clients faced in the first 120 days of adopting ISO 20022 CBPR+, in line with Swift standards. Seeing what others went through will in turn prepare financial institutions (FIs) with expectations based in reality and learnings that have been proven to be successful when they begin their adoption process.

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    Data Quality

    Learn how the quality of data impacts ISO 20022 messaging and what steps a business can take to ensure their data is at the highest level.

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    Data Population

    ISO 20022 adoption make transactions faster, more efficient and secure. See what is needed to send and receive ISO messages.

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    General Topics

    Our clients ran into a wide range of issues during the first 100 days of ISO adoption – look at what happened and the ways around it to avoid repeating those.


Justin Brearley-Smith

ISO Global Product Lead, J.P. Morgan Payments

Ciaran Byrne

Head of Global Clearing Product & Transformation J.P. Morgan Payments

Nikhil Dalal

CBPR+ Global Product Lead, J.P. Morgan Payments

Jesus De Lara

ISO Head of Business Readiness & Commercialization J.P. Morgan Payments

Renata Vilanova Lobo

Managing Director of Global Clearing, J.P. Morgan Payments

Peter Zotos

Managing Director, Global Head Clearing Product Solutions Specialists J.P. Morgan Payments

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