In a demonstration of our build, partner and acquire strategy to better serve our clients, J.P. Morgan recently announced a strategic investment in two gaming-focused organizations. Tilia1 offers an all-in-one payments platform that handles payment processing, in-game transactions and pay outs to creators within games, virtual worlds, and mobile application development. Sightline2 specializes in payments technology for the regulated gaming industry.

The investment in both these organizations represents J.P. Morgan’s commitment within the space and vision for the future. The industry is undergoing tremendous transformation that will usher in a new generation of gaming-focused opportunities for both businesses and their end consumers. Businesses can use integrated payment solutions to grow greater marketplace experiences, resulting in a higher quality and quantity of third-party providers and more options for consumers by enabling faster, safer and lower-cost virtual wallet transfers. Through this digital transformation, physical and virtual worlds may blend to offer revenue opportunities for businesses and contextual experiences for evolving consumer expectations. 

We believe that industry-specific contextual software is critical to powering any payments ecosystem to create a unique, engaging consumer experience and also to transform the revenue potential for merchants.

J.P. Morgan will work with Sightline to develop an integrated omni-channel solution for resort and online gaming companies, which will serve the resort entertainment and lodging ecosystem3. It will also work with Tilia to enhance its current capabilities throughout its all-in-one payments processing platform including providing increased payment and payout methods, expanding pay-out currencies and support services.

Virtual economies represent a huge financial opportunity particularly for game, app and virtual world developers [… ] J.P. Morgan Payments, a worldwide leader and recognized innovator in payments, is the right partner.

While the industry is still in early phases and we have yet to develop products within spaces like gaming and the metaverse4, we believe it’s important to articulate our views within the space, as discussed further in the below pieces:

We unequivocally believe that a gaming patron’s money should be safe, secure, and should follow that patron effortlessly through their digital and brick & mortar lifecycle. We are confident that a strategic relationship with J.P. Morgan Payments will allow us to deliver a unique mobile user experience for those gaming industry patrons and power the digital transformation for the gaming operators.

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Work under this partnership is underway and subject to approval. 


Work is underway and subject to approval.

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