You're at the beginning of a change in mobility. The amazing thing about it is, it is so big it's an opportunity for limitless growth.

Think about where this is going to be three, four, maybe five years down the road with so many more EV vehicles and the opportunity that presents itself. It's a pretty exciting time, I would think.

What's amazing is our phones are always with us. Your phone has your favorite coffee shop app on it. Your phone also knows where all the chargers are. As transportation and mobile apps converge, you really see what you do outside the car being continued inside the car.

As I think about J.P. Morgan payments, one of the things that's so fantastic about our company is the drive to bring value to consumers. We're changing the way consumers buy from and do shopping with merchants.

You know what's great about driving electric is, you don't have to go somewhere to go somewhere. So it really puts the focus on you just go where you want to go and then charging happens while you're doing the thing you want it to do at your destination.

That's quality, tell me how this works.

I have a ChargePoint account on my phone already so my ChargePoint card is already in my mobile wallet, I just hold my phone up, Face ID so it knows it's me. Our vision is that literally every parking lot will have some level of coverage.

If you could sum it up in three words, what does mobility mean to you?

First and foremost, fluidity. It's got to be very frictionless and very natural. Accessibility, meaning it's everywhere. Lastly, it's transparent. I often tell employees at ChargePoint, if we do our jobs well, no one really knows we're there.

You think of sustainability and being carbon neutral, and that's a goal that everybody is driving to. I feel like in a broad way, our businesses together are doing things that really are not just serving us today, but serving those that come after us.

Yeah, well, you know what's interesting is these redwoods they've seen a lot. Hopefully these redwoods get to see a day where the environment is starting to improve.


Fluidity, accessibility, transparency: Chargepoint’s seamless integration

  • When we think of automotive payments, we often default to “paying for my coffee with my car.” Payments for mobility have a much greater potential than that, however – and the future is not so far away. Here we look at the full picture – what’s developing and where it could take us
  • With our innovative solutions, the potential for payments in the auto industry is limitless. As transportation and mobile apps converge, what you do outside the car is being continued inside the car. Whether that’s simply buying a car, prebooking maintenance down the line, or ordering your next cup of coffee without leaving your car  – we support both consumer and merchant-facing channels in creating a uniform, digital ecosystem for payment services.
  • Just like a well-built car, we’re excited to bring mobility solutions that are scalable and built to last.

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Tom Nipper

Global Head of Energy and Mobility, J.P. Morgan

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