How tokenization and encryption work together

Card-present transactions

  • Customer’s card data is encrypted and formatted at the point of sale.

  • An algorithm reformats the data so the POS system processes it in the same manner as previously unencrypted data.

  • Encrypted data is transmitted to our system, decrypted and processed through the payment brand networks.

  • We reply with a token for future use.

Card-not-present transactions

  • Customer purchases from your website.

  • Data encrypted within your website.

  • Our server decrypts card data to process payment.

  • We reply with a token for future use.

Key Benefits

  • Help protect customer payment data from fraud both within and outside your network.
  • Reduce the risk of card data exposure in the event of a data breach.
  • Minimize the impact of Payment Card Industry (PCI) scope by not storing and transmitting cardholder data.
  • Maintain business processes that rely on cardholder data.

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