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For diverse-owned businesses, certification can be a game-changer. Investing in this designation can provide your business with the opportunity to:

  • Work with Fortune 500 companies. Twenty-eight of these companies—known as the Billion Dollar Roundtable—spend $1 billion or more annually with diverse suppliers.
  • Access critical resources and support. Diverse-owned business certification can connect you with mentors, a network of peers and access to capital.
  • Grow for years to come. BDR spending with diverse suppliers has increased 150% since 2010. Many BDR members have also made long-term commitments to diverse-owned businesses.

“JPMorgan Chase, AT&T and many other Fortune 500 companies are doubling down on our investments in procuring products and services from diverse businesses. Also, we’re here to provide resources that put you in a better position to succeed.”

Discover all the ways diverse-owned business certification can help your business succeed.