So I didn't start the company with this idea that I'm gonna grow into this global enterprise servicing these multinational companies all over the world. That was not what my vision was. It was really just to do something that I felt like was fun, with people that I enjoyed working with, and ultimately deliver a good quality service to a small, select group of customers.


Funny story is, when we started, it was just me, and so the objective I used to tell people was to double in size. We needed to get two people. And, so, if we could go from one to two, we would be doing a magical thing. And, so, here we are, X number of years later, with 8,000. We're incredibly selective about the types of customers that we work with and the types of projects that we take such that we aren't ever getting into a situation where we're adding a project just for the sake of adding it.


We started a foundation called J3 Foundation. We had a vision in 2018, where we hired an early education PhD, and she created an after-school literacy program. And we took it to an inner-city school, one school and 15 kids. And the idea was to target fourth grade. And the reason that we targeted fourth grade was because in third grade, if you aren't reading at grade level, you have a two-thirds chance of being imprisoned or being in poverty. We have moved in the five years that we've had the program from having one school and 15 kids to serving 17 schools and 400 students. Our goal is to get, by 2028, to get to a thousand kids. We have 400 now. And I think we can get to that goal.


We try to pick things that we find a personal passion about, we feel like we can kind of really pour ourselves into. One of, I think, our most proud achievements is the opening of the Justin and Darrianne Christian Center for Diversity and Inclusion at DePauw University. And this is a center that provides safe spaces for groups that have historically been marginalized in a variety of different ways. When we talk to these kids, they just talk about, you know, how this is their place. You know, this is the place where they feel comfortable and can find community.


Every entrepreneur’s story starts from a different place, driven by a mix of experiences, passions and circumstances.

When Justin Christian started his IT consulting firm in 1998, he was looking for a fun, interesting and stable career path. Today, his Indianapolis-based company, BCforward, is one of the largest Black-owned businesses in the United States—and has expanded on a global scale.

Meanwhile, when Joe Blackstone opened his facility-management company in Los Angeles in 1991, it was a solo operation. From Day One, he set his sights on growing. Today, Blackstone Consulting has more than 8,000 employees serving some of the world’s biggest companies.

Both founders have extended their influence to their communities as well—Christian via his co-founding of the Justin and Darrianne Christian Center for Diversity and Inclusion at DePauw University, and Blackstone through the J3 Foundation

We support the efforts of businesses like BCforward and Blackstone Consulting as they make our communities across the U.S. stronger and more vibrant. Our team can help provide the capital, expertise and solutions that serve your organization’s ambitions.

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