Meet Pamela, a successful business owner. Over the years Pamela's business has grown. Now she's purchasing more supplies, using a wider range of vendors, and hiring more staff. She recently hired Scott to handle the billing and payments.

Scott spends hours per week preparing and mailing paper invoices to clients. And calling clients to check on the status of bill payment. He also spends a lot of time processing and paying bills from suppliers. He pays most of those bills by check, which is costly and labor-intensive. Scott's life would be much simpler and the business would run more efficiently, if he could manage all bills, invoices and payments through their existing Chase Cash Management System.

So, he signed them up for Chase Cashflow360. Powered by, Chase Cashflow360 is a solution to streamline invoicing, bills, payments and reconciliation. All in the same secure platform Scott uses to manage their Chase Business accounts.

The difference in the way Scott manages the company's bills now is night and day. He receives bills online by email or he can snap a picture to enter them into his digital inbox. Payments are simple, one click and he's done. If any bills need to be reviewed by Pamela before payment, he can simply route them for approval right from the dashboard, 24/7, no matter where her travels may have taken her.

Getting paid is just as easy. Scott sends clients digital invoices that can be paid with a single click by ACH, which is faster and far less expensive than processing checks. And, he can arrange automated follow-up reminders for past due invoices.

Scott can also help Pamela forecast cash flow, by viewing the status of invoices online. When payments come in, they're automatically paired with the right invoice. With millions of members already in the network, many of Scott's suppliers are already set up. But Chase Cashflow360 can mail paper checks or invoices until his suppliers accept his invitation to enroll, which is easy and free.

At the end of each day, Scott's activity is automatically synced with his accounting software, saving time on double data entry and improving reconciliation. Chase Cashflow360 helps Scott manage and store financial documents, cutting his bookkeeping and payment research time. He also gets payments made directly into the operating account faster, with less effort and stress. And it's simplified Pamela's life, too. Now she can see the status of all bills and invoices online. And she can rest easy, knowing her accounting is in great shape. Giving her more time to run and expand her business. Find out how Chase Cashflow360 can simplify your business' payments, too.