Cybersecurity and Fraud Protection

Meet the Women Making a Difference in Cybersecurity at the Firm

JPMorgan Chase encourages diversity to ensure employees with a varied skillset work in cybersecurity operations and fraud prevention—helping to protect both the firm and its clients.

This article was originally published in Commercial Banking’s magazine, Cybersecurity: Making Security Personal.

We asked a few of the leading women working cybersecurity operations at the firm about best practices to help clients avoid fraud attempts.

Jessica Colvin


Global Head of Vulnerability Management & Assessments

Colvin is responsible for the discovery, response, remediation and governance of technology vulnerabilities.

ADVICE: Whenever possible, set your personal computer and devices to auto-update so they always have the latest security.


Product Manager for Digital Forensics Services

Patterson drives firmwide engagement and strategy supporting digital forensics.

ADVICE: Share less and be wary of what you post on social media. Criminals can gather information from your profile that could help them gain access to more sensitive and valuable data.

Farrah Patterson
Rachael Schulder


Customer Success Lead for the Cyber Defense & Fraud Product

Schulder establishes the end-to-end engagement model for the Cyber Defense & Fraud Product, facilitating ongoing client alignment and satisfaction.

ADVICE: Mobile apps can collect personal data or tap into location tracking, cameras or microphones without users even knowing. When downloading apps, ensure permissions are restricted to only those capabilities required to operate them.


Operations Lead for Oversight and Controls

Shaw manages daily operations including logistics, governance, training and client engagement.

ADVICE: Create separate email accounts for sensitive and non-sensitive websites, e.g., banking, online shopping, etc. Never click on a link or file in an email until you validate the source, and never enter personal information in an email or text message.

Michelle Shaw
Tricia Reilly


Product Manager for Threat and Fraud Intelligence

Reilly implements the firm's strategic roadmap for the detection and prevention of fraud.

ADVICE: Always be wary of emails from unknown sources. Take the time to read to ensure that it is from a trusted source and don’t use public Wi-Fi ever!

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