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What is Cashflow360?

Cashflow360 is an integrated end-to-end payments solution that allows businesses of any size to process invoices and payments quickly and easily. We’ve collaborated with BILL to provide this online service that allows clients to manage invoices and pay suppliers digitally.

With Cashflow360, clients are able to manage their payables and receivables easily from Chase ConnectSM and make payments to any of the millions who pay and get paid with BILL’s payment directory.

General questions

BILL, the engine behind Cashflow360, is a recognized leader in online invoicing and bill payment processing. JPMorgan Chase chose an industry leader to develop a unique and powerful solution for its business clients. BILL has a network of millions who use their payment directory to pay and get paid, processing over $36 billion annually, and it helps millions of users save time paying bills by sending invoices to customers and collecting payments.

Cashflow360 works with most accounting systems through an automated sync option. Sync is supported with QuickBooks®, NetSuite®, Sage Intacct™ and Xero™. 

Sync allows Cashflow360 and your accounting system to exchange information such as vendor and customer names, bills, payments and chart-of-account, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone duplicate data entry.

Please note that Cashflow360 doesn’t integrate with Sage. It integrates with Sage Intacct™ only. 

If not using one of the four integrated accounting solutions, clients can use comma-separated values (CSV) files to map the fields they wish to sync between their accounting software and Cashflow360 and can use the import/export feature to keep the two up to date. 

Digital Bill Payment is a solution where you can accept online payments from your consumers. Digital Bill Payment is designed mostly for consumer-to-business (C2B) payments, where a bill is presented and paid online via ACH or credit card.

Cashflow360 is designed to help businesses manage their accounts receivable and payable in a single portal. Cashflow360 allows businesses to receive and send both paper and electronic invoices as well as view all bills and make payments via ACH and check.

Clients can pay all of their vendors through Cashflow360, even vendors that do not accept digital payments through the BILL network. 

Vendors that are on the BILL network can be paid electronically. You can search for your vendors and customers through the vendor lookup tool. If you need to send an electronic payment to a vendor not currently on the BILL network, you can invite the vendor to join to send or receive digital payments.

For other vendors, Cashflow360 can print and mail a check on your behalf for vendors who aren’t on the BILL network, as long as both their address and receiving bank account are based in the U.S.

Cashflow360 supports payments to any business or individual, as long as both their address and receiving bank account are based in the U.S. Both can be paid by check or electronic payment (ACH).

For both check and electronic payments, vendors will receive a payment notification through email, which includes remittance information as well as the payment arrival date.

Check payments also include the following remittance information:

  • The invoice number and your vendor account number are printed on the memo line. You can edit this text as needed.
  • The check stub contains an image of the first page of the bill. If the check is for multiple bills, the bill image is replaced with a table indicating the invoice number, account number and payment amount for each invoice.

Cashflow360 sends detailed information to your vendor for each electronic payment, including your company name, invoice number, payment amount and a Cashflow360 payment confirmation number. If two or more invoices are being paid with a single electronic payment, “Multiple Invoices” will appear on the ACH record.

For both check and electronic payments, vendors receive a payment notification through email, which includes remittance information as well as the payment arrival date.

You can set up automated invoices with Cashflow360.

You can pay all your vendors through Cashflow360, and you can pay vendors on the BILL network electronically. You can use Cashflow360 to print and mail a check on your behalf for vendors who aren’t on the BILL network, as long as both their address and receiving bank account are based in the U.S. 

We’ll send your customer an email with the new invoice, including any related attachments and details you note in your customizable invoice template. If you want us to send the invoice by mail, you can choose the format in a customizable template, too.

Cashflow360 invoicing gives your customers a portal to manage their invoices and set up electronic payments, at no cost to them.

The overall size and number of documents supported is unlimited, but the size of any single document can’t exceed 20MB. You’ll need to split documents larger than 20MB into multiple smaller files, then upload them to Cashflow360 in batches.

As a business owner, you may authorize users to have the same entitlements you have within Chase ConnectSM using Access & Security Manager. Depending on the level of service you choose, you may also use Cashflow360 to give “collaborator” access to individuals, such as a bookkeeper or accountant. You may choose to authorize some users to perform certain functions, such as reviewing an invoice, but not allow other online banking functions, such as accessing bank account information. 

Authorized users are people whom your System Administrator grants access to Chase ConnectSM and other entitlements, such as reviewing accounts, or making and approving payments.  

Collaborators are people whom your System Administrator chooses to allow access to Cashflow360 only from BILL, while authorized users sign in through Chase Connect. Collaborators can create, review or approve invoices and sync them with your accounting software, but they can’t make payments. Only authorized users can do that. 

However, your System Administrator can grant authorized users with collaborator status as well. To make or approve payments, authorized users who are also collaborators must do so by signing into Chase Connect. 

Collaborators, including your clerks and accountants, don’t need access to your bank accounts to perform their functions, and they won’t have access to your bank account details. Collaborators can only perform their tasks, such as creating and approving invoices, by signing into BILL.

Only your System Administrator and authorized users whom your System Administrator has designated can review your bank account details.

Your System Administrator and authorized users can access Cashflow360 through Chase ConnectSM. You may also authorize collaborators, who may create, review and approve invoices, but won’t be able to review account information or make payments, to access Cashflow360 through BILL.

Safeguarding customer information is a top priority for us with both our Chase Connect and Chase Cashflow360 services. We use a variety of security tools to help keep your information safe, whether you’re banking online or on the go.

BILL provides technical support for all activity and features on the platform through chat, email and call requests. Of course, as our customers, you can always contact Chase support if you have any concerns about your account or need to escalate any unresolved issues.

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