To download branded background screens for use on Zoom make sure you are viewing this page in a web browser outside of the JPMC Workspace/Firewall.

Virtual backgrounds for desktops:

  1. Right click on the background image you wish to use. Backgrounds options can be found in the left tool bar, organized by each line of business
  2. Choose 'Save Picture As' (note: the command may vary by browser)
  3. Save the image on your device/computer (not on your Workspace desktop)
  4. Launch the Zoom application
  5. In Zoom via the app (not in VDI), navigate to the top right corner of the application window, click on the gear icon for ‘Settings’
  6. Alternatively, navigate to the Zoom dropdown menu at the top of the screen and select ‘Preferences’
  7. Select ‘Background & Effects’
  8. Select the ‘+’ icon
  9. Upload image of choice then click save (or open depending on computer)
  10. When in a call if the JPM background doesn’t come up automatically, click the down chevron (arrow) next to video at the bottom menu bar and select “choose virtual background”
  11. Then click on image of choice
  12. Then close out setting window and resume call

Virtual backgrounds for iPads/Phones:

It is strongly recommended to use an iPad over a phone for calls to offer a better user experience.

  1. Scroll down and hold down on the image you wish to save. When the pop up options come up click “save image”
  2. Launch the Zoom application
  3. Click more (…) on the menu bar
  4. Click “meetings” (Depending on your version of zoom you may not have to do this step and go directly to “backgrounds & effects”)
  5. Click on “Backgrounds & Effects”
  6. Select the ‘+’ icon to upload the background you saved. (note, you may have to grant access to zoom to access your camera roll. This can be done in settings)
  7. Select image then click the double arrow in the top left corner to exit out of backgrounds and effects

Join or start a meeting

For virtual video backgrounds:

Please click here to download and save to your device

Then, launch zoom and click on the settings gear at the top right

Once you have selected settings, click on background & effects

Select the + and then add video

Note, video backgrounds are not supported through VDI

For additional instructions, you can visit: