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In this video series, J.P. Morgan breaks down complex topics from across the industry that impact decision-making for businesses and individuals. Unpack a range of topics, from ESG investing and development finance to market volatility and beyond. In five minutes or under, learn what it is, how it works and why it matters.

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Unpacked: Consumer Price Index

From groceries and clothing to haircuts and housing, what we spend on, and more importantly, how much we spend, says a lot about the overall economy. This is all tracked by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is the most widely cited barometer of living costs around the world. Learn more about the CPI in this explainer video.

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Consumer price index


Consumer Price Index

How is the consumer price index calculated, and what can it tell us about a country’s economy?

Yield Curves


Yield curves

Yield curves can help predict what lies ahead for the economy. How can one little line tell us so much?

Asset classes


Asset classes

From fixed income and equities to futures and derivatives, learn more about the different types of asset classes.




Liquidity is often linked to what’s going on in the world. Why?




What causes a recession, and is it necessarily all bad?

The Debt Ceiling


The debt ceiling

What is the U.S. debt ceiling and what happens when it’s breached?

Supply Chains

Current Events

Supply chains

What is a supply chain, how does it work and what happens when there are issues?

IPO Market


IPO market

What is an IPO and how does it work? Explore this major milestone in a company’s journey where its shares are listed and sold in a public exchange.

Green Bonds


Green bonds

Green bonds have become a popular way of financing projects that deliver environmental benefits.

What is Inflation?



Why does it happen? And how can central banks keep it under control?

Central Bank Digital Currency


Central bank digital currency

Learn why central banks are racing to introduce their own form of digital money.

What Is Blockchain?



What is blockchain and how is it changing the world we live in? Learn all about blockchain technology in this simple explainer video.

Energy Transition


Energy transition

From renewable energy to battery storage and more, learn about the solutions that will help advance energy transition.

Housing Market

Real Estate

Housing market

Learn what factors are driving the housing market. Is the U.S. in a housing bubble? Will prices fall?

Federal Reserve Tapering


Federal reserve tapering

What does it mean when the Fed is tapering? And what are the reasons behind it? Learn about tapering and how quantitative easing works.

ESG Investing


ESG investing

What’s driving ESG growth and why is this strategy top of mind for investors?

Digital Treasury


Digital treasury

As companies seek market advantage, digitizing cash management has become critical. Here’s why.

Middle Office

Securities Services

Middle office

What is middle office? Take a behind-the-scenes look at middle office functions and what happens after a trade is made.

Private Capital Markets


Private capital markets

What are private capital markets and how do they work? Learn how private companies raise capital without going public.

Volatility Explained



What is volatility? Learn about market volatility and why it happens.

Development Finance


Development finance

Learn how development finance plays an important role in funding sustainable projects in emerging markets.

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