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“GenerationTech is a true meeting of the minds,” says JPMorgan Chase technologist, Utpal Jalundhwala. “The program enabled me to help the workforce of the future, while providing me an opportunity to learn from their young innovative minds.”

GenerationTech is a global program that brings together youth ages 14-18 to do social good by designing tech solutions that address United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, like climate action, zero hunger and gender equality. Each year, more than 500 JPMorgan Chase technologist volunteers collaborate with about 1,000 students to serve as GenerationTech mentors, judges, and event support to help spark the students’ interest in careers in technology. GenerationTech is a program under JPMorgan Chase’s broader Tech for Social Good.

Interested in learning about future GenerationTech events in your location? Join our Youth Talent Network (available for students 13-18 years old in certain locations) to stay up to date on our youth programs and offerings.

[00:00:00.00] [MUSIC PLAYING]

[00:00:21.49] I just want to welcome all of you to GenerationTech.

[00:00:25.18] Bienvenidos. [NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING]

[00:00:26.86] Welcome to GenerationTech London.

[00:00:29.53] Today, you'll be assigned to one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and presented with a challenge which you as a team will have to solve. JPMorgan Chase employees will be here along the way to help guide you, but it will be up to you all to get as creative as possible. So we can't wait to see what you come up with and good luck.

[00:00:50.89] You have the markup tool. So the expectation is for you to come up with a wireframe application.

[00:00:55.76] Anything you feel like bringing up, go for it.

[00:00:58.21] We could just briefly describe the problem and then just say that we're designing a game app for kids.

[00:01:04.66] We're going to add a community section. [? See ?] what other people are doing to help the environment.

[00:01:09.04] [SPEAKING SPANISH]

[00:01:15.46] I feel like we should all contribute to the design.

[00:01:17.99] I personally haven't used this application before.

[00:01:20.20] I've used it before in previous events.

[00:01:22.99] What do you guys want to tackle?

[00:01:24.61] So one of the slides link to the mockup. And then, we're going to present the app.

[00:01:29.56] I will share my screen and we can start practicing the presentation.

[00:01:34.33] Did somebody time it?

[00:01:35.80] Yeah, I did time it.

[00:01:37.51] I think you should talk about the targets.

[00:01:39.73] It's already 11.

[00:01:40.87] [SPEAKING SPANISH]

[00:01:41.98] [? Press ?] that.

[00:01:43.22] 10 minutes to finish.

[00:01:44.47] Oh, wow.

[00:01:45.25] Good. Is that all?

[00:01:48.78] So you'll have about five minutes to deliver the presentation and then three minutes of Q&A from the judges panel.

[00:01:55.15] So our project is called DIY Energy.

[00:01:58.38] Welcome to SOS, the Save Ocean and Sealife project.

[00:02:02.29] So our app is called Aqua Search.

[00:02:04.20] [SPEAKING SPANISH]


[00:02:09.84] We decided to focus on [? reducing ?] gender inequalities.

[00:02:15.32] [SPEAKING SPANISH]

[00:02:21.48] And now for the moment you've all been waiting for. We're going to announce the winners.

[00:02:26.57] [APPLAUSE]

[00:02:28.77] Oh, my goodness. Thank you--

[00:02:29.85] Oh, my gosh.

[00:02:30.05] --so much.

[00:02:31.22] Great job to all of the teams.

[00:02:33.83] I'm really impressed, and I'm really proud of the team right now.

[00:02:37.22] I learned a lot about how we can present our ideas, and work collaboratively, and work to put our ideas together.

[00:02:43.94] We finally got to show our idea. Felt good sharing it to everybody else.

[00:02:48.26] Being able to work as part of a team.

[00:02:50.69] I just want to say how truly proud of you all that we are. And we hope you had a great time with us today. Thanks, everyone.

[00:02:57.20] [MUSIC PLAYING]