For some time, our J.P. Morgan and Chase businesses have been successfully using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to detect fraud and create other kinds of data driven value for clients and customers. Given this early success, and the rapid AI-driven advances at large tech companies, the firm made a strategic decision to accelerate AI adoption and build its own world-class platform to apply AI/ML at speed and scale.

The platform, named OmniAI, is a major in-house innovation. Developed in the firm’s Chief Technology Office, it is now receiving industry recognition. In 2020, the platform won the CIO 100 Technology Award and was named Most Cutting-Edge IT Initiative at Waters Technology’s American Financial Technology Awards (AFTAs). The solution’s Latin name (omni means “all” or “in all ways”) communicates its ability to serve the needs across all our businesses and accelerates the speed at which the firm deploys AI/ML applications. It’s now used by software engineers and data scientists across the firm.

OmniAI’s work begins with solving problems for the firm’s data scientists — in finding and making ready the data they need, providing access to the compute environments to test and train their models and avoiding duplication of effort in different parts of the enterprise. OmniAI makes it possible for the firm to deploy AI at scale by standardizing processes and providing the security and controls needed for working with highly confidential information. Developers partnering with data science teams can use the platform to work faster and deliver more AI-powered applications to the firm’s businesses. And because OmniAI was built in the cloud, it’s inherently more flexible.

OmniAI brings benefits to clients and customers -- and to the technology, sales and operations teams who serve them — in the form of faster, more accurate insights. The platform reduces the time it takes for the firm’s data scientists to extract these insights from the vast amount of data the firm has access to. In addition to decreasing “time to insight,” OmniAI also enables us to perform deeper, more comprehensive, and more thorough analysis of  the data at a much lower operational cost, while enabling the firm’s businesses to better serve customers and clients.

OmniAI has proved a powerful accelerator. “Just a year ago, OmniAI released its very first capability, single-node model training into production — and only a handful of projects were using the product as early testers,” said Apoorv Saxena, JPMorgan Chase’s Global Head of AI Technology. “Fast forward to today, and engineers and data scientists driving hundreds of projects across every line of business are using the platform for end-to-end capabilities, from discovery and model training through production serving on ML models.”

A few examples of how AI/ML is making a difference across the firm:

  • Assisting employees:  AI is being used to proactively offer technical help in the form of knowledge articles and other resources in real time.
  • Speeding the ability to respond to customers: During the pandemic, the firm has been able to analyze data and retain models in days to focus effectively on COVID-specific concerns.
  • Helping clients: Portfolio managers can analyze investment data with easy to use tools that include a simple point-and-click interface.

Like the firm’s investments in emerging technologies such as blockchain and quantum computing, OmniAI — a product of the firm’s unique culture of innovation and partnership — ​represents a major step forward in our technology journey.