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As part of the firm’s relationship with MIT Technology Review, JPMorgan Chase was a lead sponsor of the inaugural ClimateTech conference in October.

“New technologies across all industries are making it possible to craft business plans that transition to clean energy systems while maintaining, if not improving, market competitiveness. Net zero 2050 commitments no longer need to be based on hope, but can instead be built on technology, policy, and societal changes that will transform the economy for a sustainable future,” states MIT Technology Review.

The balance of economics needs to tilt toward more environmental sustainability

Hugo Dubourg, Co-Head of ESG & Sustainability Research, J.P. Morgan Corporate & Investment Bank, led a conversation on ESG and the Rise of Sustainable Finance. The finance sector has an important role to play in helping to address some of the most pressing environmental and social challenges of our time, whether advancing solutions and innovations needed for the low-carbon transition or helping address the racial wealth gap. ESG considerations are being factored into business strategies and decision-making now more than ever. New technologies are helping companies drive progress, address climate change and contribute to sustainable development.

We’re moving from a world of unconstrained economics to a world with physical environmental limits that will likely mean new costs in already constrained markets, Dubourg told the audience. “We need to make sure that limited resources are employed efficiently. This is where innovation kicks in,” he said.

“The balance of economics needs to tilt toward more environmental sustainability to align with the Paris Agreements. We could either answer the call of sustainability by stopping economic outputs or invest in the right environmental solutions.  I don’t think that many would have to think long about the preferred choice. Therefore, as a society, as a financial market participant and as a member of a financial institution, we do have to finance innovation,” he added.

Dubourg also mentioned JPMorgan Chase’s ESG Discovery, a digital platform that helps the firm’s clients assess ESG risks, opportunities, and impacts.  Read more about the firm’s impact on ESG and Sustainability.

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