"Even as one of the largest technology investors in the world, with the dawn of the AI age, we are only scratching the surface of what we can do in the future for our clients and our employees," Mary Erdoes, CEO, JPMorgan Chase Asset & Wealth Management, told the audience at a recent conference.

“The possibilities are endless, and leadership teams with the most curious minds will be the endgame winners,” Erdoes said to thousands of in-person and virtual attendees, which included a broad contingent of JPMorgan Chase Asset & Wealth Management senior leaders, at the Leading with AI conference. Hosted by Harvard’s Digital Data Design (D^3) Institute, the event focused on exploring business and technology frontiers.

Erdoes highlighted how AI is reshaping business practices at JPMorgan Chase. "AI can take us new places, help us rethink work patterns, center the client more efficiently—it is transformational,” she told the audience during the Investing in the Future of AI panel discussion.  “At JPMorgan Chase, teams across the firm are immersing themselves in how others are thinking about AI in order to fast-forward their own thinking.”

She ended with some best practices for leading with AI, including pairing “AI whisperers” with senior leaders. This helps us to identify opportunities to embed the power of AI into everything the firm does, automate tasks and run the business more efficiently, Erdoes said. 

JPMorgan Chase has a corporate partnership with D^3, a global research center focused on using AI and digital technologies to advance business and society.

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