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JPMorgan Chase was the exclusive sponsor of MIT Technology Review’s (TR) second annual TR35 Festival, where attendees got to hear first-hand from global honorees about their inventions. Sponsorship of the festival, which celebrates global innovator honorees under the age of 35, is part of the firm’s relationship with MIT Technology Review.

To kick off the virtual conference, Daryl Wooldridge, Managing Director and Global Head of Intellectual Property at JPMorgan Chase, discussed strategies and tools to help innovators protect intellectual property and their inventions.

Identify what your IP assets are, and then identify how to protect them, which can be challenging, but is critical.

“Controlling IP rights becomes an important part of your business model for the future,“ Wooldridge said. “Controlling doesn’t necessarily mean preventing others, but importantly it does mean creating freedom to operate, so you can continue to operate your products, your services, your business model uninterrupted,” he added.

IP is becoming an increasingly valuable asset, and it is more important for innovators to understand how to employ the intellectual property portfolio of patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets to protect product, ideas and technologies, Wooldridge explained.

“For new and emerging businesses or as an individual, you have to balance the value of investing in IT protections against all other needs of a new start. You want to protect your rights, while ensuring you’re not infringing upon someone else’s rights ” he said.

Listen to how to safeguard intellectual property.

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