OLU HOWARD: While computer-based training is great, none of it has the same impact as a personal connection. We worked on putting together a mentorship program that was designed to mentor managers on issues of diversity. We're not trying to get people to not be themselves, but we want them to realize how they're being seen and how they're impacting other people.

SHAMOY DAVID: I had such a really positive experience as an intern that I wanted to give back. So I'm actually one of the co-founders of HABIT, which is Hispanics And Blacks In Technology. Part of that is reaching out into our community. We get a chance to work with students, getting them prepped and ready in regards to what is technology. It's not enough for us to kind of exist within these communities without being super-involved.

MICHELE KONAN: BOLD is a chance for all employees to have a sense of belonging. I'm most excited about being part of the story that JPMorgan is trying to create and its dedication to inclusion. We are defining I'll say a new America.


At JPMorgan Chase & Co., we believe that diversity of thought is what drives our innovation. Drawing on inspiration from personal experiences, our technology employees are creating both internal and external programs to help uplift each other and the broader communities around them.

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