JPMorgan Chase was the lead financial sponsor of MIT Technology Review’s Future Compute, an annual event focused on computing technology.

The conference theme was Digital Dexterity – the ability for organizations to be “tech-forward, flexible, and foster a dynamic culture dedicated to innovation and the customer experience.” The annual event focused on the strategy and technologies that drive digital business, with an emphasis on emerging technologies. Topics discussed included multi-cloud strategies, AI operations, AI, Web3, the metaverse and more. “Future Compute uncovers the emerging technologies set to become tomorrow’s essential technologies and the tech-forward strategies to run a seamless, cost-effective IT infrastructure today,” stated MIT Technology Review.

Arvind Joshi, CFO of Global Technology for JPMorgan Chase, led a session about balancing innovation, competing priorities and costs. The firm’s legacy is built on a foundation of more than 1,200 predecessor institutions tied to innovation and finance in their time. As Joshi shared, “The competitive landscape today demands that we lead with innovation and manage competing priorities while focusing on business outcomes and controlling the cost curve.”

“A successful technology strategy should support business objectives and the team must focus on established key areas,” Joshi said. “Financial discipline is necessary no matter how big or small your budget.” 

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